Whale of a good time

Here are some amazing pictures of a whale breaching just of the bow of the boat. Thanks Howard for the pics.

Ryan catches a Wahoo

The Naugle Family is visiting Hawaii from California. Justin, Trevor, Ryan with their dad and grandpa booked High Noon for a half day fishing trip, because Ryan wanted to catch a fish while in Hawaii. Only an hour into the trip the long rigger came out of the rigger and Ryan was already in the chair waiting. After some great teem work we boated a beautiful Ono, perfect for the grill. We didn’t catch anything else the rest of the three hours, but it sure was awesome to get Ryan his fish. Thanks Naugle family for a fun trip. Trevor hope you have fun at end of the world and south point. 




One Ono for Mike from Eureka

Travis and his father-in-law Mike from Eureka, California booked High Noon for a half day trip. We set out in search for something for the grill. Almost half way into the trip we hooked a nice Ono (Wahoo) on the stinger. After a slight confusion of who was to reel in the fish, Mike got in the chair and started reeling. The fish took quite a bit of line so after a minute or so of reeling we had dinner in the boat. Travis decided to extend the trip to a three quarter giving us more time to switch it up. We tried it all, we trolled to a buy tried a few things there with no one home. Then hit some of our favorite spots on the way back to the harbor. The water was amazingly calm and peaceful and we did get to see some whales while trolling around. Thanks guys for the great trip, enjoy the fish and hope to see you again.

Karen Catches Otaru and Spearfish

Dustin and Karen Overturf from Chugiak, Alaska joined us for a three quarter day of fishing. With our expectations low and our hopes high we set out. About an hour into the trip we hooked something on the long rigger. We had no idea what it was until it was at leader, a awesome twenty pound Skipjack Tuna locally known as an Otaru. Karen handled the rod like a champ and we boated the fish and tossed it on ice. We quickly put the lines back out and continued trolling. After almost two hours of no action the stinger flies out of the rigger, but nothing happened. The fish then hit the long rigger and again didn’t stick. Then third time was a charm, we were on. Karen jumped in the chair and reeled in a huge Shortnose Spearfish in no time. What an awesome trip when we weren’t catching we had plenty to talk about being that we are all hunters sharing some of our most memorable stories. Whether its in Alaska or here again we can’t wait to see you again and make some new hunting stories, definitely made some life long friends today thanks so much Dustin and Karen.

Fish and Fun For Awesome Group

Hannah, Chris, Michael, Sarah, Megan, and Clay are all traveling physical therapists from all over the world living in Hilo. Chris is leaving to Maine so they booked High Noon for a full day adventure. With the lures in the water for no more than thirty minutes a Shortnose Spearfish hit the long rigger. After a few attempts at the rigger the stinger popped out of the rigger and we were on. Chris jumped in the chair and reeled in a beautiful Spearfish perfect for the grill. The morning action wasn’t over. About fifteen minutes later we saw what looked like a bomb went off right behind the stinger. Typically the big fish eat the closer bigger lures, but for some reason this monster 600 pound Blue Marlin wanted the little lure we had on the stinger. After two misses it nailed it and we had a show of a lifetime. Unfortunately it broke the line on our little 30 class rod. We lost the fish but what an amazing experience. Back to trolling it was. Around lunch time everyone wanted to give the fish a rest and soak up Kona’s beautiful blue water. We reeled in the lines and jumped in the water. Just when the trip was coming to an end Megan said we just need one more, and just as the words left her mouth the long rigger came out of the clip and once again we were on. This time Michael jumped in the chair and reeled in an impressive 25 pound Mahi Mahi. We definitely are not going hungry this trip. Thanks everyone for a fun trip even though some of us felt a little queasy at times we held tough and it sure did pay off. We look forward to seeing you all again the next time you want to get out of the Hilo rain.