Action packed day

Roger, Joey, Wes, Andrea, Chelsie, and Ashley from Boise, Idaho booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. They were all having such a good time they ended up extending to a full day. About an hour and a half into the trip the long rigger came out of the rigger. We reeled it up to keep the fishes attention and then the stinger came down, and again he managed to dodge the hook. We stayed in the area in hopes of finding something else. no more than twenty minutes later a massive fish ate the short rigger, and started screaming line off the reel. Andrea was in the chair and ready to go to work. After taking four hundred yards of line off the reel in the fish came off. We were bummed, but we were determined to land one of these fish. Only a few minutes later the stinger came down and we were hooked up to a nice Shortnose Spearfish. Roger got in the chair and started reeling the fish. and as we were bringing in the other lures a Blue Marlin grabbed the long rigger, took three hundred yards of line and came off. Roger did a great job of landing the spearfish. We didn’t have any bites for a two hours so we put out some light tackle and caught some small tunas. We used one of them as bait and caught a big Oceanic White Tip Shark. Who Joey with a little help from Wes reeled it to the boat like a champ. Amazing day on the water with loads of action. Thanks again for the fun trip hope to see you again here fishing or in Idaho calling in some big bull Elks.

Laurent Catches 80 pound Striped Marlin

Laurent Adda From France along with a few friends booked High Noon for a afternoon half day charter. Not even half way into the trip the stinger came out of the rigger and we were hooked up to a nice striped marlin. After quite a show from the Marlin and some good angling Laurent had landed his first Marlin.

Kari from California Lands Shortnose Spearfish

Yesterday Ian and Sean Ferrell, Kari and Kaitlin Wolff, and Josh Pickering booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. Kaitlin and Josh are living on the island so they have been showing the others around exploring the island. Being that they live here and wanted something good to eat we started off in Ono lane. We missed to fish in the two hours of fishing in the lane. I then gave them the option to continue what we were doing or to switch it up and try something different. Kaitlin was quick to say “switch it up.” With that said we decided to test our luck in the deep. After about an hour the stinger came down and we were hooked up to a beautiful Shortnose Spearfish. Kari was already sitting in the chair so naturally she got to reel in the fish. Within minutes we had dinner on the deck. Awesome day on the water with a great group of people thanks and we hope to see you when you come back to visit next time.

Freedman Family Fun On High Noon

Olga and Thomas Freeman with their kids James, Robert, and Yuri from San Diego booked High Noon for a full day charter. The last time they went fishing was in Kauai where the had an outstanding day. They caught a Mahi Mahi an Ono and a seven hundred pound Blue Marlin. We started off fishing for Ono with no luck. Then we moved out to the deep to see if we could find something. We found something floating in the water so we brought in the lines and put out a little popper. We managed to catch one Mahi Mahi and a few little tunas and even a Hawaiian Salmon (Rainbow Runner). After having some fun with that we put the lures back out and started to troll. While trolling around we noticed a friend of ours on the Ku’uipo hooked up to a Striped Marlin. So we drove by to get a better look. A few hours later the stinger came down and started taking line. With some team work between Robert and Yuri we landed a beautiful Ono (Wahoo). All in all we had a great time and landed some great dinner fish, its no seven hundred pound marlin but we still had a wonderful time.

Family Snorkel and Fishing Trip

Brian and Jessica with their three children, Dylan, Elise, and Caden From Michigan Booked High Noon for a three quarter trip of fishing and snorkeling. We had a mystery bite on our long rigger about thirty minutes out of the harbor. Unfortunately it never came back for a second attempt. We worked out way down to Captain Cook. The timing could have been better the sun was just coming out and and we had beaten most of the other boats that a are usually there. After some amazing snorkeling it was back to fishing. With about an hour left in the trip the stinger came down and started taking line. With very little help Caden jumped in the chair and reeled in this beautiful Otaru (Skip Jack Tuna) like a true professional. We also got to see some spinner dolphins and some Pilot Whales. It was a nice variety kind of day.