Father and son team catch Marlin and Tuna

Avid outdoorsman Eddie and his son Luke from Georgia booked HighNoon for a full day charter in hopes of finding something big. Both Eddie and his son spend a lot of the time in the woods hunting big game and wanted to test their luck in the beautiful waters off kona. We left the harbor at 5:30am and it was game time. We set our lure and headed to one of our productive areas when our stinger rod starts screaming. A nice 200lb blue marlin goes aerial and the fight was on. Luke is a natural angler and had the fish to the boat in under 10 minutes. Just as crewman Andrew grabbed the leader, hook came out and fish swam free, high fives all around. We set back up and headed to another good zone where we had seen some tunas in the area. We worked it for a while when bingo, tunas explodes and the long rigger. Luke is back at it again, quick work from an awesome fisherman, he had the tuna in the deck in about 7min. All around good day with great people. That tuna mount is going to look great on you wall!





Bjorne catches Mahi Mahi

Bjorne and his wife Malin from Switzerland are vacationing in Hawaii for their honeymoon. While here they decided to go fishing with us on the HighNoon for a full day trip. The day started off slow, but at about 11:30 we had a nice Blue Marlin eat out long corner bait. After taking a bunch of line and some crazy jumps it threw the hook. About an hour later we missed a Shortnose Spearfish on the long rigger. Then just before getting back to the harbor we hooked a Mahi Mahi on the long rigger, and it stuck. Bjorne did an awesome job reeling the fish to the boat. Great job Bjorne and Molin congratulations and best wishes from the HighNoon teem.



Pat catches a spearfish and an Ono

Yesterday, Pat and his wife from Oregon booked HighNoon for a full day charter. It was a nice day on the water without a bite until the last hour of the trip. We hooked an Ono out in the deep. After the fish was on the boat we quickly got the lures back in the water and continued back to the harbor. No more than twenty minutes later we were on again, this time it was a Shortnose Spearfish. We had that fish in the boat in minutes. Pat and his wife will be eating well to night. Beautiful day on the water and in three months Pat will have his fish on the wall at home. Thanks and hope to see you two again.




David catches nice Blue Marlin and Spearfish

David Whickham from New Zealand booked High Noon for a full day charter. At 6 am we were hooked to a nice Blue Marlin about 400lbs. David reeled that fish in like a pro. By 6:30 the fish was successfully released to swim another day. After putting the lures back out and began trolling. At 8:45 the stinger came crashing down. David reeled up and released a 25lb Shortnose Spearfish. Awesome day on the water thanks David and we look forward to the next adventure.







Paul Kay from Berkeley, Ca lands huge Ahi tuna in Kona, Hawaii

Paul Kay from Berkeley, California and his daughter, Suzie Shupe from Sacramento, Ca were on HighNoon for a sunset fishing charter today.  Paul wanted something good to eat as well as a chance at a bigger fish.  I decided to try for some Wahoo (called Ono in Hawaii) as they have been biting well this past month.  After about 2 hours with not a bite, I moved into deeper water hoping for a Blue Marlin.  We got the best of both when the stinger rigger came slamming down and the fish went straight down.  I knew immediately it was a Ahi (giant yellowfin tuna).

Paul jumped into the fighting chair and did a great job of bring this fish along side the boat.  Suzie passed me the gaff and we got this fishing into the boat.  About 125 lbs of giant yellowfin Tuna.  We got the fish on ice and they are taking about 30 lbs back from some great eating.  Congratulations to Paul and Suzie.  Hope to see you both again in Hawaii.

Paul fighting his fish:

Here is tuna in the boat:

Father/Daughter photo…Paul and Suzie

Paul with his fish:

Our sunset ride back into the harbor: