1-2 On Blues For Joe Marchionoa from Monterey, Calif.

Joe Marchionoa and Sue Collins from Monterey, California booked High Noon for a six hour fishing trip. After getting them familiar with the gear, Sue was sitting in the chair asking questions when the stinger came down and a nice 450 lb. Blue Marlin came flying out of the water. Just as quick as it hit the the lure, it was off. Later we spotted a huge pod of Pilot Whales. Then just when we thought it was over, in the last twenty minutes, the stinger came crashing down and we were on this time. After a few jumps the Marlin went straight down and made Joe work for his fish. After a tough 40 minute battle we had this beautiful 350 lb Blue Marlin at the side of the boat for some pictures and a perfect release.   Congratulations to Joe and Sue….great day with some great folks from California.


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