Amanda and Matt two different trips both with success

Amanda Omo from Kanas came out with her friend for our first trip in the morning. We had 6 hrs together so we headed out in hopes of a good day. Early off on the morning we took our first strike which came from a very large skipjack about 30lbs! It was a tough fight for her but she made everybody happy catching dinner! We saw whales through the day and everyone had a great time.

On our second trip of the day we had Matt Bluett and his wife from Nebraska for 4 hrs in the afternoon. He’s a big time trophy hunter and was looking for a good day and maybe find something good. A couple of hours into the trip we took a very surprising strike from a 65 lb stripe marlin! Matt did a great job in the fighting chair staying tight in his angry fish. We were lucky enough to land the fish and Matt found another trophy for the wall!

Big island tuna fishing Kona striped marlin fishing

Cory family from Montana gets a big spearfish

Ben Cory along with his wife and family of daughters came out for a 6 hr fishing trip. With a little later start,  we headed down south in search of some good waters in hopes of finding some fish. A couple of hours into the trip we watched a spearfish come up and eat the lure. Ben jumped in the fighting chair and had a big fight on his hands. The fish took out a big run and had a few good jumps. About half way threw the fight the fish took off on another big run which you don’t see to often with spearfish but he brought in after 10 min. Fish is estimated at 35-40 lbs which made it a great catch. He is also mounting his trophy spearfish and putting it on his cabin wall!

On our way back to the harbor, we took a massive from from a big blue marlin! Ben jumped in his chair and the fish stripped off 300 yards in a matter of a few seconds putting on huge jumps!! When we thought things were settling down is when the hooked popped free. All in all epic day.