Action for our return charter!

Howard Wohlgefahrt and Rick Barnes from The Great Lakes area are back in town for the third time to fish with us! We had them for a 6 hr trip, so we were looking forward to another fun day with great clients.

We started off our morning by booking a spearfish on very light tackle. Rick was first up to bat and he battled his fish for about 10 min. We all decided to tag the fish because it was in such good condition.

Not very long after we hooked another spearfish on very light tackle again! This time Howard was up to bat! In previous years they have had great success with us but have caught all their fish on bigger tackle so for him to fight a fish standing up on light tackle was a whole new thing for him! We were able to successfully tag another spearfish and sent him on his way! Both fish weighing over 35 lbs! Great day!

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