Fun day fishing

We had a fun day Craig and his wife Jess from Oregon. We started off our morning spending a couple hours fishing for some great eating Wahoo and got lucky catching  2!

We decided to head offshore for something bigger like a Blue Marlin….and that’s exactly what we did! Jess caught a very angry 200 pound marlin and did a great job bringing it alongside the boat where it was released to fight another day.  Awesome day with some great guests.  Congratulations to Craig and Jess!

Wahoo in Kona Hawaii Marlin release, Kona Hawaii

San gets a big ahi

Sam and his wife are visiting from Australia and wanted to go fishing all day!  Awesome day!  We lost 3 really nice Blue marlin and then hook and landed a huge managed 130 lb Ahi tuna! It was a 40 min battle for Sam but with persistence he was able to his trophy tuna!


Monster Blue Marlin for Sidney Sibenaller from Kansas!

Yesterday, we took Perry Sibenaller from from Overland Park, Kansas.   Along with Perry,  were his daughters Sidney Sibenaller and Bailey Sibenaller along with Sam Nigro, and Evelyn Hughes.

Perry’s folks had fished Kona many years before and caught two Blue marlin, so everyone was excited to give fishing in Kona a try.

Toward the end of the charter, we got a mystery strike on the long rigger.  The fish pulled about 10 yards of line and came off.  When we inspected the lure and leader, it had the chaff of a marlin bill.  Old fishing adage says, “you don’t leave fish to find fish”, so I decided to stay in that area.  We passed through the same area about 6 times, nothing…but as we made our last pass, the long corner went off….and Sidney jumped into the fighting chair.  The fish made an incredible first run taking off about 700 yards of line with High Noon in full pursuit in reverse.

After about an hour fight, Sidney had the fish about 200 yards from the boat, and then it took off again pulling another 200 yards with white water everywhere. Pretty exciting stuff. With Sam helping Sidney reel, after another 30 minutes, we got the fish at the back of the boat and crew Stu grabbed the leader.  The fish then took off again with making incredible jumps as it rocketed away.   This was a tough fish…

We finally got the fish back to the boat, crew Stu grabbed leader again and this time we got the fish.  Weighing in at 670 lbs, this was the 2nd largest Blue marlin of the year weighed in Kona.  Congratulations to a great team effort…and we hope to see you all again another time!

kona Blue Marlin fishing







Mark is back had a a great time!

Mark is from Michigan and has fished with us in the past. He is a big time hunter and avid fisherman! We are happy to share stories with him and talk hunting and fishing. We had some good bites through the day with a few not getting hooked. We did however catch a very big spearfish!!!! He was happy to have caught such a special fish and was even more happy taking some dinner home! We also managed to release a striped marlin around 60 lbs later in the day.  Congratulations to Mark…and we hope to see you fishing on High Noon again soon!

Spearfish in Kona, HawaiiL