Southern Boys!

Well we had all of our good clients back again with us and they all are from the South.  The pictures really say it all on this story… For 6 hours all we did was laugh and tell good stories about hunting and everything else.

We started off with getting John in the chair first on an angry marlin close to 200 lbs. The fish went nuts on top of the water,  but John did a great job keeping the line tight. Later in our trip we got extremely lucky taking a double Ahi strike.   We had two of the guys step up and battle their fish!  Having two huge Ahi on simultaneously is a tough challenge for both the Captain and the anglers.  They did a great job fight these huge tuna.  After about 20 min we successfully landed both Ahi.   We had the greatest day hanging with our previous clients who have become good friends.  Congratulations to all for a great day!

 Ahi Tuna in Kona Blue Marlin release in Hawaii

Good day for Jarred and Chelsea

Jarod and Chelsea from Colorado joined us for a 6hr trip. We headed out looking to have a fun day. They were very low maintenance and were just enjoying being on the water.  We were about two hours into our trip and got our first strike from a nice Blue Marlin. Chelsea was first up to bat and jumped in the chair to begin fighting her fish. The fish put on many jumps and jumped towards the boat and Chelsea did a great job keeping the line tight. After about a 20 minute battle we were able to get her fish along side the boat where it was released to fight another day.

A couple more hours into our trip we took another nice strike for a Blue Marlin.  Jarod went next and was able to fight his fish for a few minutes before jumping off the hook. All in all another great day with great people.

 Blue Marlin fishing in Hawaii

Brandon and Trish Bolton have a huge day!

Brandon and his wife Trish Bolton from Pennsylvania came out with us for a half day charter.  They have been following us on our blogs for a long time now and were eager to have their shot at some nice fish.  It wasn’t more than 35 minutes before we hooked into our first spearfish!  Brandon launched into the chair to fight his fish and did a great job angling all day!   Brandon went on to catch 2 more Spearfish, making it 3 for the day!  Already a magical half day charter.  But there was more to come!

On the way back toward the harbor, we were greeted by an angry Blue Marlin!  We run 5 lines while trolling and this hungry Blue Marlin hit 4 different lures…and failed to hook up.  However, when it hit the 5 lure, the hook stuck and we were off to the races,  Brandon did an excellent job on the rod  staying tight on all his fish even when this Blue would charge the boat.   It was a hard 20 min fight but we brought the fish along side the boat and put a tag in it!  We successfully tagged and release all our fish today which made for an incredible half day with Brandon and Trish.  Marlin in Hawaii fishing in Kona

Mario from Austria gets his fish of a lifetime

We had Mario and his wife from Austria for a 6 hour charter.  We hooked into a nice marlin early off in the morning but after about a ten minute battle, it threw the hook.  Not  long after we hooked into a bigger marlin weighing about 350 lbs.   Mario battled his fish for about 25 min before we got it to leader.  This fish put up a huge fight with white water everywhere as danced all over the water.  Mario came all this way to Hawaii to catch a marlin,  so it was very rewarding being able catch this fish and then release it to fight another day.  Congratulations!

Sport fishing Hawaii