Brad Aitken from Philly lands a few Mahi

Brad Aitken from Philadelphia fished with us a few days ago with his family for a full day. That day we had a large tuna miss the lure, had a marlin take bunch of line but didn’t get hooked and had a 400 lb marlin fight for a minute before jumped off..  At the end of the day he asked us to go back out because he really wanted to get a big fish!

Today began off early with a strike from a decent sized blue marlin. It ate the lure a few times before getting hooked! It took a bunch of line off then jumped and threw the hook out.

Later in the morning we we fishing down south and found some floating debris covered with mahi-mahi ranging from 5-12lbs… after catching about 10 of them Brad asked us to go back fishing for something big. And that’s what we did! We stuck around the floater because it had so much life around it. About 30 min later we raised a fish well over 600lbs! It was all over the lure trying to eat it but wasn’t it the mood… it soon faded away not giving us another chance. On our way home we had another marlin come to closest lure to the boat and it just sat behind it not trying to eat at all… the fish were in a weird mood but Brad is hoping to come back soon and try again!

Brett Horiuchi from North Carolina lands a Marlin

Brett Horiuchi from North Carolina came out fishing with his wife on a full day of fun..  Not much to this story today because we got very lucky right away!  Not more than 10 min after putting the lures into the water, we take a big strike from an angry Marlin! Brett jumped in the chair and started to battle his fish

The marlin put on a big show of non stop jumps! With all these jumps it is easy to loose your fish but Brett stay on it and stay tight to the fish! He did a great job doing that. It was only about 15 min later we got his fish boat side. We put a tag in the fish and sent it on its way to live another day!

Congratulations to Brett on his first Pacific
Blue Marlin!

Mark from west Texas bags a beaut

Mark Bochnowski from west Texas came aboard with his good friend on a an afternoon half day trip. In the morning we lost a big tuna and had a marlin on the line for a little before it jumped off.. so when we picked up Mark we were excited to get back out!

It was long before we got our first strike! Mark jumped in the chair and began his battle. We had a big spearfish hooked up! The fish went on a massive run and was displaying some good jumps! Mark landed his spearfish to break his streak!! He has been to Cabo twice fished Florida and Hawaii without a single fish!!! So it was an amazing feeling being able to get him his first pelagic fish!!

Paul Fregosi from San Fransico gets a Spearfish

Paul Fregosi from San Francisco came fishing with his family on a afternoon half day trip. They have had succes in the past here in kona fishing by boating a 140 lb ahi the last time they went fishing..

We starting fishing in the same area we have seen life all day. We missed a spearfish first thing when we started. Wasn’t long after that we get a spearfish stuck on the line. Paul jumped in the chair and successfully landed his fish! Everybody is very happy because they have fish to take home and eat!

Jose Elias get a monster tuna!

Jose Elias from California came aboard with a few friends in a morning half day trip.  Right off the bat we were seeing a lot of good life. We were seeing birds and tuna jumping.. it wasn’t long before we took our first strike from a decent marlin! After only a minute or two it jumped off the line. About 30 min after that we had a marlin marlin on the line for a few minutes before jumping off!

That didn’t stop us we stuck around and kept working it.. we take yet another strike but this time from a very big tuna. Jose jumped in the chair and began his battle with his fish! He did a great job getting the tuna to the boat in about 15 min.  It is a fish if a life time for Jose!