Mully Jablonski from Australia gets a Big Blue Marlin!

mullyMully Jablonski from “the land down under” came fishing with his wife Jemma on a 6 hr afternoon fishing trip. In the morning we were lucky enough to tag and release a healthy 300 lb blue so were were very excited to get back out there!

About half way threw our 6 hr trip we saw a big tuna eating squid right next to the boat but did not strike on of our lures.   So we’re hung in the area a little more and ended up taking a strike from a blue marlin but it also did not get hooked!

So, with action in the area,  we stayed even longer in that area and it paid off big time when the short corner lures goes screaming off.  Attached to the other end was a 450 lb Blue Marlin!!! The fish out on a big show for us with tons of jumps. After an intense 20 min fight Mully finally got his fish boat side. We took a ton of pictures of it, put a tag in it and sent it on its way!

On our way to the harbor we also managed to catch a very nice spearfish! We took a big strike thinking it was a marlin but it was a 40 lb spearfish taking off! Jemma jumped in the chair and battled her fish to the boat and put a tag in it.  Another Epic day!

Hailey Bjursten from the Bay Area gets her Blue Marlin

Hailey Bjursten from the San Francisco was brought out here by here by her family on a 4hr morning trip.

Within the first 30 minutes of our day we got struck by a very nice Marlin! Hailey jumped in the chair and began her battle. She had a big fight on her hands but she did great! Hailey did amazing in the chair staying tight on the fish and getting into a rythym. After a grueling 20 min battle she got her fish to leader. As we were leadering the fish to the boat the hooked pulled out of the fish which was perfect for a good release!! The fish was estimated at 300 lbs!

JD Stollwerck checks a Blue Marlin off his bucket list

JD Stollwerck and some friends from Seattle Washington came out with us on a full day of fishing to try catch a Blue Marlin. Yesterday we lost a huge marlin well over 800lbs,  so we were excited to try our luck again.

We went most of the day without any bites! We saw some tunas jumping and saw some birds working but still no bite. On our way home we did start to see better life so we hung in the area a little longer.

It wasn’t long before we took our strike from a blue marlin! JD jumped in the chair and battled his frisky fish. He did a great job on it and had it to the boat within 10 min! The fished was estimated at 130 lbs. everybody was very excited and so was JD being able to check something off his bucket list!

Chris Cayson from California gets a Blue Marlin! 

Chris Cayson and his son came back out with us on a 6 hr trip to try their luck again! We were feeling lucky because last time they fished with us in Kona, we caught an extremely rare sailfish!!! So we were looking foward to getting back out with them again this year.

We started off our morning with missing a chance at a Marlin .  We hung around the area but not another strike.   Without any more bites,  we began to make our way home.

As we were getting close we took a big strike at the bottom of the 9th! Chris jumps in the chair and had a tough fight on his hands. The marlin put up a good show with many jumps and pulling hard. After about 15 min we got his fish boat side took a bunch of picture and released it to fight another day!

Ted Reimer from Nor cal gets a big tuna

Ted Reimer from Northern California came fishing with his family again on a 6 hr trip. He and his family have fished out here before with some luck catching so we were eager to see what today had in store for us.

We took a strike from a spearfish early on in our trip but we could not get the hook stuck.. so we kept on the area to see what else could be around. We were seeing birds and bait but no bites.

Towards the end of our trip we take a. Oh strike from a large tuna! This time the hook was stuck and Ted began his battle! After about 15 min we got his fish. Pat side and stuck a gaff into it! The fish is estimated at 110 lbs! Great day for everyone!