Mahi Monday’s!

Forrest Barrett from Alberta came with his wife for a fun day of fishing. In the morning we found a pile of net that was holding some mahi-mahi. We caught a couple on some very light tackle to make Things interesting. On our way home we hooked up to a big 34 lb bull Mahi which was a big fight even on our trolling gear!

Action for folks from San Diego

Jack and Deb Taylor, Chuck and Kathy Oliver from Dan Diego came fishing with us for 6 hrs and had a blast! We began our day by catching an Ono right out of the gates! We began to look for life for the rest of the day…. as  the day went on, we  were able to find a boat that was flipped over and had a bunch of Mahi swimming around it!  Since we had live bait, we scored some nice Mahi Mahi.   Another epic day!

big game fishing kona

Afternoon Spearfish for Joe Phibbs

Joe Phibbs came out with his family from Ohio to try his luck for a billfish!

We had a very large marlin the hook for a little while before the hooks fell out…. we also had a spearfish on for little while but hooks couldn’t find the right spot to stick. But as the day went on he hung tight waiting for the bite. And sure enough we had a spearfish get stuck in the line! Joe landed his trophy spearfish and it was a crazy fight for him!

Some action in the rough

Dan Wynne and Brittney Wynne from Florida are here in their honeymoon and all they wanted to do was go fishing with us! We have been struck with some bad weather for a few day so I told them it’s gonna be rough until late morning. Sure enough it was pretty rough early in the charter but as the day went on the ocean smoothed out.

We had a small flurry of action with a spearfish, striped marlin and mahi-mahi. All three of them somehow shook the hook, but that happens. Not to long after that we took a big strike from a blue marlin! Dan jumped in the chair and battle his fish for 10 min. We were able to get it to the boat for a very good release!

Kona marlin fishing