Andrew Vaur from Dixion CA gets his action he’s wanted

Andrew Vaur from Dixon CA came fishing with us on a 6 hr fishing adventure. We spoke a few days prior and suggested we wait a couple days for fishing to get better. Andrew had fished Kona with no luck before just trolling and wanted to try some live bait on light tackle.   And that’s exactly what we did. We began the morning catching bait then headed up north to some fishing grounds to try for Andrew.

We were greeted with some good action from some big Amberjacks! Each fish weighing between 35-40 lbs. Andrew was able to land 3 of these amberjacks before it was time to start making our way home. We also saw two tiger sharks that swam up to the back of the boat and one was about 13-14ft long! Action packed day for Andrew.

High Noon fishing Kona Hawaii

Darrin Barclay from Tucson, AZ gets a monster fish

Darrin Barclay came fishing by him self first time deep sea fishing. Fishing has been very tough for the fleet recently so we had to do some different things today. We already had bait left over from the day before so we headed directly to try some new grounds.

When we arrived and dropped down a live bait,  we were greeted by a monster Ulua or better known as GT, giant trevally. After a thought 10 min battle Darrin landed the largest fish he has ever caught!!! The fish is estimated at 75lbs!

Running out of time we headed to deeper water to see if we could find a marlin. Not long into it,  we got stuck my a decent 200 lb blue marlin but quickly came off. Overall very good exciting morning.

Big Island fishing charter

Chris Lewandowski from Illinois gets some Mahi

Chris Lewandowski from Illinois is here in Kona working on a job project.  Chris decided to bring a couple of his work friends out,  James Cho and Suk Lee,  for a half day of fishing adventure.

We started off our morning heading to a bouy to catch some bait.  When we got there we were greeted by a few mahi mahi. We were able to catch all of our Mahi on really light tackle which made it very exciting for everybody! We caught 4 nice ones including a big Bull.  We headed home and everyone had a ton of fish to take back to cook.

The Joe Huston Memorial Golf Tournament

Had a great time in Mechanicsburg, Pa at the Joe Huston Memorial Golf tournament at the Rich Valley Golf course. Sponsored by the Make a Wish foundation and Tee off against Cancer foundation. 17 years ago, Joe Huston caught a beautiful Blue Marlin on High Noon while on a Make a Wish trip to Hawaii. It was a wonderful experience for Joe and his entire family. This week, Pam and I traveled to PA to share with his family, Ken Huston and his daughter Amy, the celebration of Joe’s life and contribute to the golf tournament. A deeply moving experience.  Thanks for inexperience! Thank you for inviting us!


Chris Coon from New Mexico gets his Marlin

Chris Coon and his wife from New Mexico came fishing with us on a full day adventure. We began our morning a little different today by starting off the day with catching a few live baits in case we found some tuna or Mahi Mahi. . Bait is always very finicky but this morning we caught our quota very quickly and made our way off shore.

Not very long into the morning, we took our first strike on a lure and it was from an angry Marlin! Chris jumped in the chair to begin his battle. The fish put up a big show with lots of jumps and big runs. After about 12 min Chris finally got his fish to the boat and we were able to tag it and send the fish on its way!

We continued to head south in hopes to find a school of tuna. When we arrived to our area we wanted to try our live bait with some Ahi tuna.  We decided to give it a try and sure enough we get hooked up!  We were using very light tackle for our tuna bite but this bite was not from a tuna… The fish came up jumping and it was another Marlin!!! After an intense 30 minute fight on light tackle gear we were finally able to get the fish on leader and we were able to release it! An incredible trip for our guests from NM.  Two Blue Marlin and one of those on light tackle.  Congratulations to Chris!!!!

Blue Marlin on High Noon