Brother and Sister team back again, as always for some fun!

Mike and Cyndi Sabol have fished Kona for a long time.   Last year when they fished with us,  they were able to land a 656 lb blue marlin and a 40 lb ono!   The time before that, Mike caught his first Blue Marlin on High Noon.  We have a winning combination.

So when we saw each other again in the morning it’s like seeing family!  Knowing how the boat works and what our game plan was we took off in high hopes!  We managed to catch a couple baits in the morning.   We headed far off shore to find debris lines and maybe catch Mahi Mahi. We spent half the day looking far and wide with nothing to show for it. We moved to the ledge to catch tunas where we have been having luck all this week.   Today the currents had switched, so nothing again.

We never gave up and kept going and sure enough we hook into a double Sailfish!! This is extremely rare fish to catch in Kona, but somehow not surprised to find these fish with Mike and Cyndi!   They have always been lucky!   After incredible jumps and such an insane battle on light tackle Mike managed to get each fish in the boat one at a time as Cyndi filmed everything!  An Amazing accomplishment!  Not long after Cyndi and Mike both got to land a double Mahi.    Everybody did so well and we couldn’t be happier!

Mike has been very proud of his accomplishments fishing here in Kona and it shows because he mounted his trophy 656 lb blue marlin and his first marlin ever! He then mounted his 40lb ono, and now has room for his Sailfish and Mahi mount!  Mike and his sister Cyndi have caught amazing fish in Kona and we are grateful to share these experiences with them.  We look forward to fishing with them again soon.

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