Patty and Jeannie Sport fishing in Kona

Patty and Jeannie from California joined us for 4 hrs in the morning. These two ladies wanted to pick up a new hobby and they thought fishing would be perfect since they were in Kona! They have been fishing often back home now and a Blue Marlin was on Patty’s bucket list!  It took us 3 hrs to find her fish.   We marked it below the boat then it shot up and drilled a lure! Patty was off to the races and did a seriously bad ass job angling her fish! We coached her thrrough it and she was able to land her fish on her own.   It was a dream come true for the ladies to land their fish!

Tina and Billy from Miami have a blast fishing in Kona

Billy and his wife Tina are from Miami and spend much of their time at home fishing on their beautiful boat! They have experience in offshore big game fishing and were looking to come out and have fun on the water! We headed far south to find new fishing grounds. It took a little while to get to our area but when we did it was loaded with life! We had a marlin whack a lure and not get hooked so we immediately threw out a pitch bait on very light tackle. Marlin popped up and swallowed our bait! Tina did an incredible job angling her fish on a Penn 16 loaded with 80 lb braid and 90 lb leader!!

After a  20 min struggle, we grabbed leader and released Tina’s fish! It put on many insane jumps and caught so hard on that type of tackle but Tina did great! We had a couple more bites from blue marlin later in the day, but couldn’t get hooked. Bill and Tina will be joining us this weekend in a big tournament. Can’t wait to get out there again with bill and Tina!

Dinner for our guests from New Mexico

We had fun family from New Mexico that enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and hunting. We started off with an early bite from an ono which we got into the boat. Ono estimated at 20 lbs.  We then took another strike this time from a 30 lb spearfish which we also managed to get into the boat! The rest of the day we had two big crash bites from blue marlin that didn’t get hooked… all in all a good day of fishing the family had tons of fish to take home and eat!

Two trips and both successful

In the morning we had Dewey Patillio and Thomas O’Neil from California and both were very lucky. First few minutes outside the harbor  before our run through of the boat,  we hooked into a blue marlin. Dewey had on the job training as he  did a great job getting his fish to the boat estimated at 200 lbs for a good release.  Not long after Thomas gets hooked into a 120 lb Ahi which he landed after 25 min.

Our second trip we had a 14yr old boy named Johnny LaRosa from Chicago step up to the plate on yet another 125 lb tuna!  He did some of the best angling we have seen so it wasn’t surprising to watch this young man manhandle his tuna! We landed his fish after 15 hard minutes.

Marlin Sport Fishing Deep Sea Ahi Kona Ahi Tuna Sport Fishing Kona

Roy Jackson has a great day

Roy Jackson from Oregon came with us by himself for a full day of fun! He had a short trip here so wanted to spend all day on the water! He was a fun mellow easy to talk to kind of a guy so it wasn’t surprising to us when we took our first hook up! Roy jumped into the chair after watching his fish eat the lure and had a very hard 25 min battle on his hands. He had a great technique with the fish we showed him and did and excellent job angling his giant! We landed his Ahi weighing it at 140 lbs! A few hours later we were bombarded by a double ahi strike big both quickly came off the hook. We spun the boat around and finally got one to stick!! Off to the races again Roy went. This time he tame his tuna within 12 min we had his fish in the boat! Estimated weight 125! Awesome day!

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