Catch of a lifetime 

Kelsey Bestal and her mom Misty Bestal husband Bill Murphy from Colorado and North Dakota came out on a 6 hr fishing trip. We started our day off with taking a strike in the pitch black on our way out to the grounds!! Kelsey jumped in the chair to battle her fish.

The fish made a massive run and was pulling extremely hard. Being so dark we had no idea what type of fish it was… after an intense 40 min Kelsey landed her fish! It was a 121 lbs Big Eye tuna!! To catch a big eye in Hawaii on the troll is a very very rare thing. It was an amazing experience. I haven’t personally boated a big eye tuna on a charter in many many years so it made it even better!

But that’s not all we found a pile of rope shortly after landed the tuna. We started off by catching a very nice mahi-mahi and a handful of 20 lbs tunas!!

The family had an awesome experience with us and want to come back out next time they are here! They mounted their trophy and soon will be on their wall!

Congrats to the whole family great day!


Gordon Moseby from Australia came out for 6 hrs with us on a fun morning!

We started our day off my boating a large spearfish!! As the day went on we had on there fish in the line that came off after a few minutes of fighting. Over all great day!

Kona Spear Fish

Big Ono!!

Mike Brandt from Florida came out with his wife and a few friends on a fishing trip. Mike was excited to come fish with us because he has been keeping up on some of the blog posts and was eager to get out fishing!

We stayed off the morning with a 36 lbs Ono in the dark! Mike brought in his fish after a long 10 min battle! We took the fish in the weigh it and it was the biggest caught of the year so far!..

We spent the rest of the day looking for a Marlin without any luck but that’s okay everybody had a great time!

Another day of fun in the sun

Eric Herrgesell, his son and daughter, James and Hannah were fishing with me a few days ago when we caught the two ahi and very big Mahi. They asked if I could squeeze them in for another day of fun!

So we started off with our second round of bait catching competion.. it was a good competion because while the boys were catching bait I was hooking mahi-mahi!! We caught two very nice Mahi while trying to catch bait!

As the day went on we got a good strike from a 100 lb striped marlin! Hannah jumps in the chair and defeats her fish in 10 min! As the fish got close to the boat on leader the hooks came out which made for a very good release!!

Striped Marlin Kona Hawaii