Amazing Father and Sons team

We had Chris and his two sons Gunner and McCarthy join us for 3 full days of fishing! They are from South Carolina and are avid hunters and fishermen! Each day we had good fun, laughs and some action from big fish!  Gunner and McCarthy were the anglers for the weekend.  We managed to catch 1 Blue Marlin plus 2 Ahi  weighing in at 140 and 180 lbs.  And we also laned to 2 spearfish!  We lost two other fish but over all amazing big game action!  We are looking forward  to our next round of adventures together!

Great day with some Gals

We had some gals out from Michigan who wanted to go fish for a few hours. We enjoyed our time to together having fun but no bites til the last hour and a half of the day. It was a very nice 180 lb blue marlin ! The girls did a great job of leading it to the boat were it was released to fight another day.  Glad you all had a blast fishing with us.

Family from Memphis have a huge day

David and his son Ethan brought  a friend Matty from school out fishing as a graduation present to the boys! We had all day to give it a shot so we tried our best. Most of the morning was uneventful..  We were patient and our first bite finally around 1130.. We had a large tuna explode on the lure and not get hooked.. it was a hard pill to swallow but that’s fishing!  Not more than 45 min we get hooked into a huge fish! Matty was up first and did an incredible job landing a 180lb tuna! Not more than 45 min after that we got stuck to our next big tuna!  Ethan also did a very good job angling his fish.   His fish weighed in around 140! Overall incredible graduation fishing present.

Summer is here

Brett recently moved to the big island.  Brett had his parents visiting and wanted to take them fishing off the Kona Coast.  We first tried for ono and had no luck again.. we only had half a day so headed offshore for better action. We have been catching fish in the same area each day this week and there were a few more fish still there biting. We lost a marlin right away had a few jumps and came off. About 40 min later we had Barb jump in the chair and caught a 150 lb blue marlin!!! She did very well! We had an amazing day.

Brother Sister Duo

Brother and sister, Sean and Meghan came from Denver and wanted the try their luck fishing in Kona.  ! We had a lucky start by beginning the morning with a 110 lb tuna! Meghan was first up and had a very difficult 15 min battle but she did very very well angling her Ahi tuna.

We spent the next 5 hours with no bites but with 30 min left in the day we get Sean strapped into a 200 lb blue! After a very tough fight, we successfully landed tagged and released his marlin!