Two nice Mahi Mahi’s for three cool dudes.

Joe, Paul and Rob from the east coast are here with a group of over seven hundred for an engineering convention. With some of their free time here on the island they decided to do some deep sea fishing. We headed out to a buoy to see if anybody was home. We noticed a bunch a bait fish jumping on the surface so we pulled out some light tackle caught a few, rigged one up and dragged it around the buoy. We didn’t think have any takers so we set back up and continued trolling around. Just as it was nearing the end of our trip the long corner came down and started taking line. Just as we transferred the rod it came off. After a few more misses we finally hooked a nice Mahi Mahi. We realized there was a big net in the water so we worked it a while keeping the charter out a little longer than planned, but they didn’t mind. We managed to land one more to finish off the day. Another successful trip on the High Noon.



Joseph and Wanda both catch Mahimahi

Joseph and his wife Wanda were in Hawaii on the NCL cruise ship “Pride of America” they figured they would try the famous Kona waters in search of a big blue marlin. With our marlin season slowing we still decided to go for it. Anything can happen in Kona at anytime. We had a few mystery bites first thing in the morning but we never got to see the fish, only hear the line screaming. After they both came off we figured the third time was a charm. Like always, nearing the end of our trip both the long rigger and stinger come down and we were on. Joseph in the chair and Wanda from the rod holder. Both did a wonderful job in angling the fish to the boat. Great job guys. Hope to see you guys again in the future.


Kent releases nice Blue Marlin

Kent and Cheryl Broussard along with Mike and Indred Rogers from New Orleans booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing adventure. We headed out and trolled around with some great conditions all we had to do was run over a hungry one. About four hours into the trip when everyone was beginning to loose hope the short rigger comes crashing down and line starts peeling of the reel. After a few good jumps it went down. Kent handled it like a professional with the help of his buddy Mike and they worked that fish to the boat perfectly. Got some amazing pictures and released it to swim another day. Thanks guys for the fun trip, now that your hooked we look forward to seeing you all next time.





Blue Marlin and Mahi for long time return client

Jerry and his wife Sharon who have fished with HighNoon at least a dozen times before booked us again for a full day of fun. Jerry is one of those lucky fisherman who always seems to catch no matter the circumstances. They arrived at the boat just before 6am and with a quick briefing, we were headed out of the harbor with high expectations. The first thing he tells the captain when he stepped on the boat was “I’ve done this seventeen times and only been skunked once”. No pressure on the captain or anything. Within the first hour we headed to an area that looked really productive the day before. Just about as soon as we got there our long rigger comes down but doesn’t stick, then our short rigger but same thing. Darn! Finally a beautiful 20lb Mahi at the stinger and managed to stay hooked. With a little pressure off the captain we had the fish secured and happy to catch him a few nice meals while they were here. We continued working the area for the remainder of the day and like always, as soon as the trip nears the end a Blue Marlin shows up in the spread. With the Captain and crew looking forward for anything on the horizon, Jerry happen to be looking at the lures. In a instant he screams out “fish” and we were ON! He got in the chair and did a great job at angling a 180lb blue marlin in about 10 minutes. Very happy boat all around and even happier Jerry to lock down yet another epic day fishing with HighNoon in Kona. See you again my friend. Aloha





Olivia catches first ever MahiMahi

Regular Ironman triathlete and now Trek bicycle rep Mark booked Highnoon for a 3/4 day of fishing. He knew our season was slowing down a bit but still wanted to take the chance and take his daughter Olivia out for a day of fishing. He hit a few of our favorite spot first thing with nobody home. We proceeded a little farther north in search of anything that would give us a chance. We happened to stumble across a massive bird pile with little tunas busting everywhere. We worked the pile for a bit when finally leaving we had a nice hit on our long rigger and we were on. We get Olivia strapped in the chair where she did an awesome job bringing in her first ever, nice sized mahimahi. Plenty of fish for them and the rest of the family to enjoy. Good job Olivia! We will see you guys around the same time next year. Aloha!