Spearfish delight

Joel and his family from the Carolinas came out to try for a marlin and maybe some dinner! We had his father reel in a beautiful Spearfish which besides being a beautiful billfish, it is great for dinner too!  Weighing about 30 lbs the family is going to eat well tonight. A great morning trip….just part of Kona fishing.


Bruce finds his trophy!

Bruce from New York had spent many trips fishing the Outer Banks on the east coast catching all kinds of fish but has never landed a marlin. He came out with some friends and family and that’s what we did. We lost our first marlin but hung in the area and got one to stick to the hook! Bruce had never fought a fish as hard as a marlin and had a massive fight on his hands. It was a very intense 25 min but Bruce was able to get his fish boat side for a very good release. He was so proud of what he did he put his fish on the wall to show everybody!

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Gary back for more!

We had our good friend Gary with us from California for a full day of fun. And that is exactly what had happened! Gary has stayed in contact with us all year checking in and saying hi every once in a while.   Always wishing us the best.

Our morning began with a marlin full of vinegar! Gary is a very experienced angler,  so we never have to worry with him staying tight to fish. After 10 min Gary was able to land the first fish of the day. We even let Gary come out of the chair and tag his own fish which he did perfectly.

We soon went on to tag our second of the day! Another angry marlin,  this fish was about 175 lbs and his first one about 150.

Not more than an hour after that marlin we get our next fish on the line and it was a beautiful spearfish. Gary landed his fish in only about 1 min and again,  we let him tag his own fish!

Later on in the after noon our next flurry of fish began. Only about 15 min apart we had two Blue marlin take line and come off. But not to worry,  10 min later, another Blue Marlin hooks up and  Gary goes on to tag his 3rd blue marlin of the day!  This fish being a little over 200!  Terrific day with a terrific charter, 3 Blue Marlin and a Spearfish.


We had a great day with our friend Gary!

Kona marlin fishing Sport fishing in Kona

Action for a family from Idaho

Steve and his son Jimmy and his son Jonah from Idaho joined us for a full day of fun. We started off the morning catching 4 Wahoo called ono in Hawaii.  ! His son Jonah who is 9 years old reels in 2 of the ono! We spent the rest of the day offshore and got extremely lucky tagging 2 blue marlin! Jimmy went first and his fish was about 150lbs and Steve’s fish was closer to 200.. Both caught at different times of day in different areas. That why we always recommend going on 3/4 or full days which allows us to cover more ground!

Wahoo kona fishing charters Blue Marlin release in  Kona Hawaii sport fishing kona marlin

Fun week

We have been extremely busy these past few weeks with tournaments day after day. It has been a lot of fun and we have had a few non tournament charters since. Getting into some really good marlin fishing with occasional tuna and ono this time of year makes for good action. There can be some time in between bites but when it happens it’s something big!

kona marlin fishing photo