Ken and family get it done

Ken along with his friends and family from Canada joined us for a full day fishing.  We had kids aboard and luckily the bait was biting good so we let them bring a ton into the boat.  Kids had great fun just catching the bait!

We went far and wide looking for mahi and smaller tunas but no luck. We did however have a 500 lb marlin bite the line that Ken was strapped to for 12-15 min before pulling the hooks! So we kept trying and got very lucky to land a 60lb and 10lb using our live bait and light tackle. We had a great time and will be seeing them in the next few weeks to try again!

tuna in kona hawaii

Sara and Guy have a big day!

Sara and Guh came from Montana to have a full day on the water with us. We began our day trying to catch bait,  We did catch a few…and began our day heading south. We approached a bouy that didn’t seem to have no life at all but we gave it a shot and were rewarded with 3 very nice mahi using light tackle.

As we made our way home we got hooked to a massive marlin!  Guy jumped in the chair and had his hands full with a huge 600 lb blue marlin!  It was an all out battle for 25 min but we got it boatside for a very nice release! They mounted their trophy to look at in Montana for a long time! We can’t wait to see Sara and guy again they were a blast to fish with.

kona blue marlin

Texas friends get it done

We had a 6 hr trip today with some great people from Texas! Fishing had been on the tougher side the last few days so we’re so happy to fight a nice blue marlin! It was a good 10 min fight with lots of jumps! We also managed to get a nice snapper while catching bait which was a big surprise….and makes for a great dinner!

kona sport fishing

Brett and family from FL have a great day

Brett from FL came out with his wife and family. We started off with an early hook up from a nice marlin! Brett had his hands full with this strong fish but he was able to get it to the boat within 20 minutes. We continued on looking for life and found ourselves lucky getting another hook up from another blue Marlin. Brett’s Father was next up to bat and he had a very feisty blue Marlin. Again after another 25 minutes he was able to get his fish of the boat. We had a amazing fishing trip together.  Congratulations on a great day!

kona blue marlin fishing Blue Marlin fishing in Kona, Hawaii