Bill Pisor and family from Morro Bay have fun fishing day in Kona

Bill Pisor and his son Kevin Pisor came with their grandkids Skylar and Nolan from Morro Bay, California came fishing with us on a 6 hour fishing trip. We explained to them that the fishing had been a bit slow lately, but we would do our best to show them a great day.    A few bigger fish have been around but really not much action from smaller fish for the entire fleet.  How things can change in just a day.

They seemed at ease just enjoying their trip hoping some fish would show up.   With a relatively slow morning happening for us we were wondering what was gonna happen when we got a lucky phone call from a friend close by that said he found a floater with some tunas on it!

As we approached the floater we could see there was a lot of fish around and it was non stop action for over an hour! Everybody had a chance to bring in tuna weighing in from 5-35 lbs! We ended up catching over a dozen tuna before having to leave! Great day for Bill and his family!  Here are some photos from their day on High Noon.



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