Glenn Dalton from New Jersey releases Blue Marlin!

Glenn Dalton and his wife from New Jersey came fishing with us for a fulll day of fishing fun! We began out fishing for Ono in the Ono lane to see if anybody was home.. Only a few minutes in the trip we took a strike but soon came off. We lost another Ono only a few minutes later as well!  We decided to  head offshore to find some other life.

Glenn and his wife were having a great time and were very patient so we knew we would still have a good day no matter what. With that right attitude brought the right fish! We raised a Blue Marlin and a Spearfish into the spread but both would not eat a lure.  An old saying, “don’t leave fish to find fish”,  so we stuck in the area and found another Blue Marlin! This time the fish was hooked good!  Glenn battled his angry 200 lb marlin all the way to the boat for a successful tag and release!

He said we were able to check something off his bucket list so that’s a nice feeling! Not to long after landing his blue, Glenn jumped in the chair again with a Spearfish! It was hooked in the eye so we had to boat the fish. Overall great day

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