Gary and Christy from Canada find the fish of his dreams

Gary and his wife Christy from Vancouver came fishing for a full day of fun!  Our day started off with a lot of rain and not any fish. Things change from day to day out here,  so to whom ever reads this keep in mind we try our best to adapt each day to different conditions. Bait fish were especially hard today to catch this morning! It’s really getting hard to catch them almost to a point where we can’t get em. As the day grew we noticed a change in current and conditions seem to be getting better in a matter of an hour.. Gary some how managed a 35lb Wahoo on very light tackle.  At the same time we had Christy hooked up to a 15 lb tuna!  We landed her fish and stayed in the same area. Not long after Gary was up to bat again but this time on a 50 lb yellow fin tuna! It was a hard 15 min battle but he got it done.

Gary had fished on Florida and has always wanted to catch a sailfish but he was unsuccessful which is hard to imagine because Florida is known for sails.  Sailfish are pretty rare in Kona, but as luck has it we hooked into and rare pacific sailfish! After yet another 15 min battle we landed his trophy sailfish! He is so happy he is putting his trophy on the wall to look at the rest of his life!  We hooked into a 100 lb tuna and fought it for 30 min and we were only a couple of inches away from gaff when the rod snapped and the ahi got away… wasn’t really that big a deal because of how amazing of our day already was!! We headed home and called it a great day!

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