Gary back for more!

We had our good friend Gary with us from California for a full day of fun. And that is exactly what had happened! Gary has stayed in contact with us all year checking in and saying hi every once in a while.   Always wishing us the best.

Our morning began with a marlin full of vinegar! Gary is a very experienced angler,  so we never have to worry with him staying tight to fish. After 10 min Gary was able to land the first fish of the day. We even let Gary come out of the chair and tag his own fish which he did perfectly.

We soon went on to tag our second of the day! Another angry marlin,  this fish was about 175 lbs and his first one about 150.

Not more than an hour after that marlin we get our next fish on the line and it was a beautiful spearfish. Gary landed his fish in only about 1 min and again,  we let him tag his own fish!

Later on in the after noon our next flurry of fish began. Only about 15 min apart we had two Blue marlin take line and come off. But not to worry,  10 min later, another Blue Marlin hooks up and  Gary goes on to tag his 3rd blue marlin of the day!  This fish being a little over 200!  Terrific day with a terrific charter, 3 Blue Marlin and a Spearfish.


We had a great day with our friend Gary!

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