Late start Blue Marlin

We had a late start half day trip Friday since our charter had meetings in the morning.   There has been really good fishing lately for us so we were in high hopes still. We had a total of 3 marlin bites and were able to land one! The guests we so pleased with their catch they mounted it for the wall! It was a tough fish for Scott but he managed to land his fish after 20min! The fish put out a ton of jumps and a great show. Fun half day trip.

kona blue marlin fishing charter

Wednesday’s Action

We had a group with us for a 3/4 day from St. Louis. Main goal was to catch dinner for a couple days. Lucky we did just that right away.  Jen brought in a great eating Wahoo for her Birthday.

Later in the day, we were lucky enough to get bombarded by two nice Blue Marlin.   We were able to land 2 out 3 marlin! The guys both had hard fights both taking about 20 min each! They were so happy they both mounted their trophy marlin for the wall! Plus everybody had a lot great fish for a few dinners this week!  Great day with a great group.  Happy Birthday Jennifer!


Monday Blues

we had a fun group from Washington and Oregon out on a full day fishing charter.   We lost a marlin early in the morning, then headed offshore to find debris with no luck.  We fished a school of dolphin for a while with no bites.  Then the last hours of our day got real busy. We took a double strike from two blue marlin>  They both took a lot of line and both came off. We spun around and then got finally hooked up on the third strike! We were able to land this 150 lb blue marlin! It was a big fight and worth the wait!

Mahi-mahi action

We had Brian, Austin, and Cody with us today. Brian and Austin have fished with us in the past and have had good luck each time. Lucky for us today we had another great day! We caught an ono first thing in the morning and then spent all day offshore. We came across a log that was holding a lot of mahi mahi.  Everyone got into the action as we landed one fish after another.. It was non stop action for an hour and everybody was so tired. So glad to have another great day with some awesome return guests.

Big day aboard the High Noon

We had a group of 5 great guys with us today.  They wanted something to eat, but our  usually reliable bouys have been dead.  So, we decided to head further offshore to look for life.  We got very lucky and found a log that was holding a lot of mahi mahi.   It’s like finding a needle in the hay stack.  It was non stop action for a few hours for us on light tackle with everybody getting in on all the action.  We ended up with 30 mahi mahi, 2 Wahoo and a few small tuna!  Heck of a good day!  And some great eating fish!  Congratulations on a great catch!