David D’Addona from Austin Texas lands huge Spearfish!

Lee Wheat from Austin Texas brought his family out for a full day of fishing. We started off our morning like we always do searching for life.  We found a lot of small tuna schools but nothing biting. So we left the area to find better waters.

As we got into the area we wanted,  we took a strike from a very large spearfish!  We dropped back a rigged bait on light tackle and we were “hooked up”.   David D-Addona stepped up to the plate and caught his fish! We hooked it on extremely light tackle so he had to play his fish in correctly. We were able to land it and take home to eat! Not very long after landing that fish we took another strike from another spearfish but this one did not stay hooked. All good…. still a great day with some great folks from Texas.






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