Tanner Conlon and Jerry Conlon from Alaska have a great week of fishing

Our very good friends from Fairbanks Alaska, Tanner and his dad Jerry Conlon, had a great 3 days of fishing! We were planning this trip for about 5 months so we were all excited to get fishing and see what might be out there for us. Ahi and Marlin were at the top of our list but Mahi and ono are always welcome as well because they were hoping to take some fish home.

Our first day of fishing we targeted big Ahi in the porpoise school. It took us half the day before we found them but we did not give up. We fished the school for a couple hours until that magic moment arrived.  We had a small live bait out on light tackle gear which a nice Ahi tuna swallowed.   Tanner jumped in the chair with some very light tackle on such a large tuna. The fish put on an incredible fight. After about 35 min tanner got his fish to the boat and we were able to land it!  That is a lot of great tasting sushi!

Our second day we worked everywhere did everything for little results. We did manage a very nice snapper.

On the third day things began to turn around for the better.. first thing in the morning we raised a giant blue marlin on a lure but it did not take a good shot at the lure.. not more than and hour or so later we had a double strike from some spearfish. They were biting at the lure lure but did not get hooked! We spent the rest of the day looking for life and no bites.. we did not get discouraged because we had a very large high tide in the afternoon. Sure enough on the top of the tide we take a big bite from yet another massive blue marlin!! We had it in for a couple minutes but the fish kept jumping and throwing his head like we’ve never seen before! It ended up coming off but we were all so excited to get our chance at it! We hung in the area and a few minutes later Jerry jumped in the chair and landed a beautiful 35 lb spearfish!!

We has a great few days of fishing with our great friends!!

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