10/22 Blue Marlin For Lee Reveles From Sacramento. 

Lee and Valerie Reveles along with their son Evan  booked High Noon for a four hour fishing trip. The day before we we missed two Marlin up north and caught a Mahi Mahi so we headed north. Not long into the trip Evan started to feel a little sick, but was not about to throw in the towel. Thankfully it all paid off when the short rigger came down, but it missed the hook. We waited for it to come back. With no signs of the fish we started turning around to make another pass. Just as we started to turn there he was, all lit up in hunt mode ready to strike. This time he got the hook was not coming off. Lee got in the fighting chair and started the battle of a lifetime. Awesome four hour trip, thanks Lee and Valorie and especially Evan for staying tough.

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