13 yr old angler Selin Nalbantoglu from New York gets a Marlin!

Selin Nalbantoglu from New York came fishing with her family for a 6 trip. She came with her mom, dad, and her younger twin sisters.

Every morning, we introduce our anglers on how to fight a big fish from the fighting chair.  During our daily run through this morning.  This morning,  Selin was in the chair getting measured up, when the rod she was holding starting ripping line off!!! It is extremely rare for something like that to happen so we were very excited!! Only at 13 yrs old she battled her fish for about 15 min! We got the fish to the boat and we were able to put a tag in the fish! We took a bunch of pictures and sent the fish on its way.

We spent the rest of the day looking for some smaller fish to keep for dinner without any success. All in all it was another great day for our guest aboard the High Noon.

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