Cruiseship charter today.

We took out a married couple and a soldier spending some lost time together with his son. we started off infront in a porpous school,Their were birds and flying fish being chased by big tuna.We saw a boat hookup.So we trolled by them and wham a short corner bite .A30lb bull mahi. We then went inside for onos and went 3for4.the vets son Alex caught two.28 22.

John Benoit releases 600 Blue Marlin!

Yesterday, John Benoit from Missouri City, Texas was on his first Kona fishing charter and what a day he had.  While live baiting at “C” bouy with a live tuna, it got hit by a Blue Marlin but came off.  Captain Dave then saw some porpoises which would steal a live bait, so changed over to lures….and boy, did it pay off.  The long corner lure went off and John got into the fighting chair.  After over an hour of fight this huge Blue Marlin, Captain Dave grabbed the leader and released the fish to fight another day.  Besides the Blue Marlin, John and his wife landed a 20 lb. yellowfin tuna which we packaged for them and it was on their BBQ last night.  Congrats to John Benoit from Missouri City, Texas!