Kyle Dodd’s first Wahoo!

Here is Kyle Dodd’s 50 lb. Wahoo.

Today, June 29, Joe Dodd chartered HighNoon for a 3/4 day charter.  He and his party had two goals, one was to catch something to eat and the second (if we had time) was to go after a Blue Marlin.  Guess we accomplished about 1.5 of his two goals.   Usually I go after the Wahoo first and then the marlin.  Today since peak high tide was at the end of the charter, I decided to go with the Blue Marlin fishing first.  About 1 hour into the charter, the long corner lure went off and we got quite a show as this 300 lb Blue Marlin jumped all over the place for about 2 minutes before throwing the hook.  OK, marlin lost, but maybe something good to eat?  So we went back to the rocky point with is a popular spot for Wahoo and wammo, again the long corner lure went off and Joe Dodd jumped into the fighting chair and landed this 50 lb. Wahoo.  Since the entire family is a total of 16, Joe and his party took back about 20 lbs of filets and are going on the BBQ tomorrow night!  Congats to Joe and his son Kyle!

Bryan Finnerty lands 122 lb. Ahi on HighNoon

Bryan  Finnerty lands 122lb Ahi in Kona, Hawaii on HighNoon.  Captain Dave after trolling for a few hours, arrived at F bouy which is a bouy put out to attract smaller tuna.  Where there are small tuna, the big ones might be around, so Bryan Finnerty caught a small tuna which Captain Dave rigged up as live bait and dropped it down.  Almost immediately, it got gobbled up by a huge Ahi (giant yellowfin tuna) and Bryan landed a nice 122 lb. Ahi after a 20 minute fight. Congrats to Bryan!