Two huge Wahoo…and then an epic battle with a Blue Marlin

Yesterday, we landed two huge Wahoo 45 and 42 lbs.  That was within 10 minutes of beginning the charter.  As we always say, there is no run to the fishing grounds in Kona.  We then trolled down to a ledge where I wanted to catch some live bait…and on the troll, we had a small Blue Marlin hit the long rigger and them come off.

After catching a live bait (this was about a 10 lb Skipjack Tuna), I bridled him up and dropped him behind the boat and we began a slow troll for a Blue Marlin.  Due to the size of the live baited tuna, I knew it might attract a very big Blue Marlin..and boy, did it ever.  Within 20 minutes the rubber band can ripped out of the clip and the fight was on.  This fish first began jumping and all we could see was white water.  After backing down on the fish and gaining some valuable line, the fish again came out on the water and this time we got a great view of the size of this fish…estimated at 700 lbs.  After another 10 minutes, it came out the the water again and threw the hook back at us.  Another fish story..



100 lb Ahi and 2 Spearfish landed today!

The fishing continues to be great in Kona!  Today a group from the NCL cruise ship were on HighNoon for a morning half day charter.  What a great day they had.  Jared Gordon from Indiana landed a nice 100 lb Ahi while his mom, Beth Gordon landed a 35 lb Spearfish.  Another passenger, Brandon HIcks from Missouri picked up a 30 lb. Spearfish on the same charter.  Here is a group photo taken following the charter.

Eric’s 40 lb Bull Mahi Mahi

Eric Anderson and his sons, Dane and Lang had two very good fishing days on HighNoon this week.  On the first day, they each landed a Wahoo (3 total) and Dane landed a huge 175 lb. Ahi.  On the second day, Lang (Eric’s 17 year old son) had the thrill of fighting a 400 lb. Tiger shark for about 30 minutes.  Lang did a great job and just as we were going to grab leader and take some photos, the shark bit through the line.  We then pick up two more live baits, and headed back were we had caught that Ahi the day before.  This time a very large Bull Mahi Mahi grabbed the live bait and Eric did a fine job of getting him to the boat.  Almost a clean sweep for the Anderson family with 3 Wahoo, 1 Mahi Mahi plus an Ahi.  Here is the Mahi picture from yesterday minutes after it was landed.

175 lbs Ahi landed by Dane Anderson from Austin, Texas

After catching 3 wahoo this morning, Eric Anderson and his sons were pretty happy.  However their day wasn’t over, not by a long shot!  After trolling for a while, we brought in the trolling rods and put out some light tackle to catch some small skipjack tuna which we then proceeded to use as live bait.  We put one on the surface and dropped another one down about 60 feet on a downrigger and headed out to an area we felt might have some Ahi (giant yellowfin tuna).  Within about 30 minutes the rubber band snapped out of the clip and the rod started screaming.  Dane Anderson jumped in the chair and in a half hour brought in a giant 175 lb. Ahi.  Here is the photo taken minutes after it was landed and another photo taken when it was weighed in.