143 lb. Blue Marlin landed Oct. 16 by Dave Snellling

Don Snelling and his son, Dave, chartered HighNoon for 3 days of big game fishing.  On their first day, today, Oct. 16, Dave started off with a rush as he landed his first Blue Marlin weighing in at 143 lbs.  This fish hit the short corner lure off an area called Red Hill about 2 miles offshore.   Here is Don’s Blue Marlin.

Yesterday, October 15 we released one about 400 lbs.  The Blue Marlin fishing continues to be excellent in Kona.


400 lb. Blue Marlin released on Monday, Oct. 15

Today, HighNoon released a 400 lb. Blue Marlin on a two hour charter.  One lucky client strolled by HighNoon this morning.  We had a 3/4 day charter scheduled for 9 am…but since we were at the boat early and had a couple of hours, we took a client out for two hours.  Didn’t take an hour when a huge 400 lb. Blue grabbed one of our lures and we fought this fish for about an hour before releasing it.  We were a bit late for our scheduled charter, but this just demonstrates how close to shore big fish are in Kona!