Chris from New York catches a beautiful Striped Marlin

Chris from New York City was on a cruise ship which stopped for the day in Kona.  Chris chose a charter on HighNoon and hit the jackpot.  First a double strike with Mahi Mahi started his day and we landed this great eating Mahi Mahi.   Photo below.  About an hour later, a nice striped Marlin hit the long corner lure and Chris did a great job of bringing this beautiful fish to the boat where it was released to fight another day. day with a 80lb striped marlin.


Mark Capaldi from Michigan catches beautiful short nose spearfish!

Great father and son team from Michigan today aboard HighNoon along with family friend Keith from Alaska.  Awesome guys that im sure will spend many more memories with.  Caught Mark jr a nice size spearfish to end the day and fire up the grill.  Hope to fish with these guys again and am working on a sheep hunt here on the Big Island before they leave.

Carlo from Texas lands first Mahi mahi

After dropping off some of the family after a few hours,  we headed back out with two  young men.  They were US soldiers wanting to catch a nice fish…as well as something good to eat.  Within a few minutes we hooked a nice mahi mahi on a current line. The women had requested some fish for dinner and that is exactly what they will get. Great day on the water in Kona Hawaii.

Martin from New Mexico lands first Ahi of the year in Kona!

Martin Connaughton from New Mexico has another stellar fishing day in Kona. A long time client of HighNoon, Martin had two goals.  One is to find something good to eat and the second is to fight a big fish  Today, January 8, Martin had both wishes fulfilled.    First, in the first hour, a double strike resulted in one huge 40 lb. Wahoo.  The second Wahoo got off.

Then a few hours later, we were in a porpoise school.  These porpoise at times run with giant yellowfin tuna as they feed on the same  bait fish.  After one missed strike, the stinger line went screaming off the reel.  After a tough 30 minute struggle, Captain Trevor gaffed it for Martin.  It was the very first Ahi weighed in this year in Kona.  Congratulations to Martin!   Photos below: