Ricky & Zoe Lapointe from Florida, 3 Marlin and a Spearfish!

Ricky & Zoe Lapointe from Longwood, Florida booked HighNoon for an exclusive charter today, February 28  for themselves and their friends, Lucas and Ted.  What a great day they had and they all got into the action.    First they had a tripled striped Marlin strike and we managed to get 2 to the boat where they were released.  Then, a short corner bite and a Blue Marlin estimated at over 600 pounds threw white water all around the boat before coming off.  What a great show.  Then we tagged and released a Spearfish.  They weren’t through yet, another double striped marlin strike and we released another marlin to fight another day.   Pictures below of a striped Marlin being released, the Spearfish being released and flags flying as we came in from a great day of fishing in Kona, Hawaii.

Video of Striped Marlin

Video of Spearfish