Keith Bush from New Jersey lands two Wahoo

Keith and Rosemary Bush from New Jersey chartered HighNoon for a day of fishing off the Kona Coast of Hawaii.  Keith is an experienced fisherman  who has fished for big game all over the world.  Keith wanted HighNoon to give him the best chance of catching some fish.  I began the day by trying for Wahoo.  After an hour of no luck, we switched over to go for Marlin and Spearfish.  After moving up the coast to an area called “the grounds” we noticed baitfish and birds in the area.  After many passes, we got a nice strike and Keith got in the chair.  The fish had began by slowing pulling out the line…but suddenly decided it was hooked and took off on a sizzling run.  This was a very big fish but after a minute or so, it threw the hook.

Disappointed but still undaunted, we moved back to try again for Wahoo.  As our day was winding down, we were right in front of the harbor thinking of the one that got away….when suddenly a double strike got Keith back in the fighting chair and he landed two nice Wahoo, one about 50 lbs.  Here is the photo



Laurie Krause Catches a Wahoo (Ono)

Laurie and the gang From Minnesota booked High Noon for a 3/4 day. Started out fishing for Wahoo, and got lucky with a nice Ono for the BBQ. We then headed out to the deep waters to try our luck with some big game. Spotted large school of Pilot Whales. On our Way back in we stopped outside the harbor so the charter could jump off the tower. Over all it was a beautifully great day on the water.

James Phelps from Portland, Oregons lands nice Wahoo

James and his lovely wife, Rachel chartered HighNoon today.  Like many people, they were torn between going for Blue Marlin or should they catch something good to eat in their vacation condo?  In Kona, you can easily do both. The first 40 minutes we tried for Wahoo, No luck. Then we switched over for trolling for Blue Marlin, again no luck.  Then we went to underwater ledge and Rachel caught a nice 10 lb skipjack tuna.  This was a pretty nice catch, but James was speechless when I bridled this 10 pounder up and put it out to live bait for Marlin,  Again, no luck.  Then we again went trolling for marlin, and once again, nothing.  OK, last chance, we changed over for Wahoo again and found that patience pays off as this nice 32 lb Wahoo struck the short rigger and was landed in about 10 minutes by James.  They were even happier when I filet up the catch and it will be on their grill tonight,



Luke from Australia lands beautiful Spearfish

Luke and Alana Randal traveled all the way from Australia for their honeymoon. It was another beautiful day on the water. We headed south out of the harbor to a buoy where we caught a few bait fish. So we rigged one up and dragged it around for a while with no success. On our troll back to the harbor a Spearfish knocked down out stinger, and just when we thought he wasn’t coming back WHAM!!! We were on. What a great day of fishing.