Huge 556 lb Blue Marlin landed by Tim Caudill

Tim Caudill has fished with us before with not alot of marlin luck. He booked High Noon for a full day today with slow BBQ fish action in the morning. A few off his crew that joined us early got a little sea sick and opted to go back to shore. This youngest Michael and family friend Alexis decided to stick it out with dad and see what the deep pacific could possibly provide for them. We made a few passes through our honey holes with no takers. Just as they started to feel doubtful a huge blue marlin slammed our short bait and the fight was on. Michael, Alexis and Tim did a great team effort in getting the fish to the boat. All smiles for them as well as captain Trevor and crew Kevin. Good job guys. Fish of a lifetime


Dan and friends catch Wahoo

Dan and his friends from Chicago booked High Noon for a 3/4 day of fishing. They had hopes of catching something for the BBQ and that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t have only lure in the water before we were hooked up with a nice 20lb Ono. We did get chopped by another and loose and mahi close to the boat but I guess that’s the way it goes. Beautiful day on the water with a successful trip


Ryan Banker from Arizona releases Blue marlin

Took Ryan and his family out on High Noon for a 3/4 day of fishing off Kona. Morning started off a bit slow but at around 10:30 our luck changed when our lucky lure on the stinger started screaming line. After a few seconds a beautiful 150lb blue marlin came rocketing out if the water. It put on a wonderful show for us. Fish pulled hook and leader for a clean release but wasn’t able to get a picture in time but will forever be in the memory bank. Great people and great day on the water.

Blue Marlin and Spearfish on HighNoon

Stacy and his three girls booked High Noon for a 3/4 day along with friend Larry and son Tyler. Started morning off the morning by jumping off a Mahi Mahi. Shortly after that we were struck by a Blue Marlin where Tyler got his butt kicked for the next ten minutes.  While most times we release the Blue Marlin, we had been called by another Captain who had asked us to keep a marlin for a special delicacy food for a graduation party.   After landing the Marlin we then hooked up to a Spearfish where Tyler’s father Larry fought the fish to the boat for a clean release. After that we had two more Spearfish bites. Great day on the water.

Dan Frieden from Illinois tags Blue Marlin in Kona, Hawaii

Dan and Kimber Frieden from Illinois are having a great vacation in Hawaii.  Dan chartered HighNoon for a 3/4 day for he and his family.  When one of the kids wasn’t feeling well, we took the kids back and went back out with just Dan.  In Kona, this is easy to do since there is no run to the fishing grounds in Kona.  About 2 hours later, the stinger came slamming down and a beautiful Blue Marlin came leaping out of the water.  After going deep, Dan did a masterful job of bringing this fish to the boat where it was released to fight another day. Here are photos of the release: