Family catches Blue Marlin

Had a wonderful family out for an afternoon half day charter on Alibi. Left the harbor at noon looking for anything willing to give us a bite. Trolled around for a couple hours with tunas busting all around the boat but wouldn’t bite. Finally towards the end of the trip we were headed to one of our favorite spots, we saw some splashes and headed in that direction. Not a minute later the long rigger comes crashing down. At first we thought tuna but with the fish staying on the surface we quickly determined it was a marlin. Sure enough right then the fish made a series of acrobatics. Quick catch for a healthy release. Good job guys


Jimmy Bager from New Jersey releases Blue Marlin July 28th.

Jimmy Bager and his new wife, Kerry, from New Jersey chartered HighNoon today. This great couple were on their honeymoon and staying at the Fairmont Orchid hotel…one of the nicest places for a honeymoon in the entire world. A nice 150 lb. Blue Marlin grabbed the short rigger lure and Jimmy did a great job of fighting this fish to the boat where it was released to fight another time. Good job..and best wishes to the newlyweds. Hope your time on HighNoon is part of a magical beginning for you both!


Rob lands Blue

Rob Seidel from New York joined us on the HighNoon for an early morning half day charter. Rob had been fishing for Blue Marlin before with no success. So we set out in hopes to break that streak of bad luck for him. As we left the harbor Rob got in the chair and wasn’t going to move until we hooked one. Just as the clock hit 7:00 the stinger snapped out of the rigger and a beautiful 200lb Blue Marlin went soaring through the sky. Rob did a terrific job quickly bringing in the Marlin. After snapping a few photos we released the fish to swim another day. Thanks Rob and the gang hope to see you guys again.




Chris catches Mahi Mahi

Chris his wife and their two kids joined HighNoon for a half day charter.
It was a beautiful morning as we set out on the calm seas of Kona. Not long after getting all the lures in the water we hooked a nice Mahi Mahi (dorado). Before long the Mahi was gaffed and in the fish bag. When the excitement finally began to settle we started to put the lures back in the water. The stinger was rigged up and just as the long rigger was about to be clipped in 200lb Blue Marlin came out of nowhere ripping the line out of the deckhands fingers and took off. Chris still tiered from fighting the Mahi got back in the chair. The marlin jumped a few more times and unfortunately threw the hook. Some awesome excitement especially on a four trip.