Kim tags 120 lb Blue Marlin in Kona, Hawaii

Kim and her husband Bruce from New Zealand came fishing with us on the HighNoon. They own a charter boat back home, so they knew the ropes. We headed out to the deep in search for a Marlin. After some time of trolling around a beautiful 120 lb Blue Marlin ate the long corner and took off. Kim jumped in the chair and got the fish to the back of the boat in minutes. After a few pictures we successfully released it to swim another day.  Following that, we had a huge Blue of about 400 lbs hit the short corner lure and came off.  Thanks an hope to see you two again someday, and have fun in Cabo.


Matt catches birthday Uku.

Matt wanted a fish for his birthday so him his brother and mom joined HighNoon for a half day trip. We started by catching bait, we couldn’t keep the opelu off our hooks. After loading up we rigged one up and dropped it way down. The fish must have known it was his birthday, we were hooked up in no time. Matt landed the biggest Uku we had seen, great job guys.



Brian from Chicago tags Spearfish.

Brian and his sales team from MedLine booked HighNoon for a three quarter day charter yesterday. We started out the morning catching bait, then set out in search for something bigger.  After trolling for a while the long rigger got knocked down then the stinger came down and we were hooked up. Brian jumped in the chair and had the fish to the back of the boat in no time. He really wanted to hold his catch so we boated it and got a few pictures and released it back into the water to swim another day. Thanks guys for a fun day on the water.



Fish tacos for dinner tonight!

Group from Sacramento booked HighNoon for a three quarter day. They said the wanted something for the dinner table. We caught some bait fish and headed to a buoy in hopes that something might be there. On our way there the short rigger came crashing down and started screaming. We were hooked to a 150lb Blue Marlin. It was jumping like crazy, and just as we started to transfer the rod it came off. Once we got to the buoy no one was home. On our way back to the harbor we lucked out with a Mahi Mahi perfect for dinner. It’s nice when things work out. Thanks guys and hope those fish tacos are delicious.


Family from North Carolina score three Mahi Mahi.

Yesterday we had seen some Mahi Mahi at one of our buoy’s but they wouldn’t bite our lures. So today our goal was to get see if we could get some on live bait. We headed out to a spot where we successfully caught some bait. Then we headed over to C buoy and out bait wasn’t in the water for more than a minute and we hooked a Mahi. After landing two more, we had more than enough for the grill, we set out trolling back towards the harbor. Not long after leaving the buoy we had a big bite from a Blue Marlin on our short bait. It took the line almost all the way down to the Dacron and unfortunately came off. All in all it was a great day on the calm waters of Kailua Kona.