A lot of fish for family reunion.

Mary and her family came to Hawaii for a family reunion after a long time of not seeing each other. They decided a fun thing to do on their vacation would be to go fishing. They booked HighNoon for a three quarter day and wanted something for the family to eat. We set off a little later than normal, but decided we would test our luck in Ono lane. They sure did bring the luck with them because it was pretty much action the entire trip. They ended up catching more fish than they could handle. It was a pleasure having them on the boat. Great people, great day, and great dinner tonight. Thanks and hope to see you all again for the next family reunion.




Bruce Bukas from Illinois lands 285 lb. Blue Marlin

Bruce Bukas frome St. Charles, Illinois caught his largest Billfish ever as he landed a nice 285 lb. Blue Marlin today in Kona.  Bruce had reserved the trip earlier in the week and specified he was looking for a Blue Marlin.  He had gone all day yesterday without a strike on another excellent boat, but today, with just one strike, he hit the jackpot as this Blue Marlin hit our long rigger lure with my favorite lure, Baby Blue.  Bruce intended to release this fish (we like to release all healthy billfish), however during the fight, the fish became tail wrapped, so we decided to take the fish.  Bruce also landed a nice Mahi Mahi earlier in the day.  Congratulations to Bruce and we look forward to fishing with you again.


Lance and Kathy Rutherford 30th Anniversary Fishing Adventure in Kona, Hawaii

Lance and Kathy Rutherford from Ennis, Texas spent their 30th Anniversary in Kona, Hawaii.  They chartered HighNoon for a full day fishing trip.  They wanted something memorable to remember…as well as catch something great to eat while they are in Hawaii.  We got struck on the long rigger, but it came off….but then grabbed the stinger lure and Lance brought this great eating Wahoo to the boat.  We also saw thousands of dolphins jumping all around the boat celebrating the Rutherford’s anniversary with us. A great day on the water!  Here are two photos:


Jason Bennett and family score big with Mahi Mahi.

Jason Bennett, his wife and two children chartered HighNoon today.  Jason was in Kona to produce the Ironman Triathalon  for ESPN.  Following the Ironman event, Jason took his family fishing and scored big with Mahi Mahi.  Jason wanted some action for his family, , plus (since they were staying a a condo), some great eating fish.

We first stopped and caught some live bait called Opelu.  We then went to a bouy called OTEC where we had seen some Mahi Mahi a few days earlier.  They wouldn’t bite lures that day, so we came armed with some live bait this time.  And everyone got in on the action as we landed 8 nice Mahi Mahi on light tackle.  Here is a photo of their catch: