Jim from Portland Oregon catches 2 nice Mahi Mahi

Jim from Portland, Oregon chartered HighNoon for a half day today beginning at 11 am.  His primary goal was catching something good to eat….along with having a nice day on the water.   On our earlier charter that day we had landed 3 Wahoo and still have about 10 live baits in our tuna tubes.  So we dropped these down and Jim landed two great eating Grey Snapper.  Then we went by a FAD bouy, where we put the remaining live baits out and Jim did a wonderful job landing two nice sized Mahi Mahi. Here are the photos from Jim’s fishing adventure:


3 Wahoo and one big Amberjack for two Brothers!

Mark and Patty Fernandes along with is brother Gary Fernandes and is wife Danette all got in the action this morning.  First we caught some live bait on light tackle trying to get these two couples something to eat while they were in Kona.  On our second drop with bait, Mark landed a 30 lb Amberjack called Kohala in Hawaii.  Not good eating, we released it back to fight another day.  We then decide to try for Wahoo as we had caught a few this week.  With only fifteen minutes left of the charter, on our last pass, we had a double Wahoo strike.  Got that to the boat and decided ok, one more  pass.  This time we had a double strike and landed both fish with eveyone in on the action.  Here are photos from today’s charter.


Butch from Hilo catches Wahoo!

Maka treated his father-in-law with a fishing trip for his birthday. They drove over from Hilo early in the morning in hopes of catching something for dinner. About thirty minutes after getting the lures in the water we hooked a nice Wahoo (Ono). Butch jumped in the chair and we had it in the boat in minutes. Then we caught a large number of Opelu, trolled out to Otec buoy unfortunately no body was home. Thanks guys for the great company.



Quick trip Ono for Brian and family from California

Brian and his family booked HighNoon for a 3/4 day today in search of dinner fish. Things don’t always go as planned. They brought their 3 year old son Peyton along for the ride but things in the little guys stomach didn’t settle well and he was sick within the first hour. We did on the other hand get lucky when a 20lb. Ono are of long corner lure and was off to the races. Brian’s dad had the pleasure is reeling the fish in. Quick trip but they got what they asked for and will be eating good tonight.


7 Mahi for Peter from England

Peter arrived in Kona a week prior to booking a full day fishing trip with HighNoon. He had never deep sea fished before and only caught some small lake fish in England, where he is from. He showed up at the boat bright and early to start the day. He had no idea what to expect of the waters off Kona so with a quick briefing he was locked and loaded. The water had been a little bumpy the last few days so we weren’t really sure of our strategic options. So we started out the morning catching some small live bait fish and headed off toward the horizon in search for something big. Our first stop was at a buoy that we thought would have some fish on it. Our first pass didn’t look to promising but as soon as we through out out live bait it lit up blue and the mahis were hungry. We managed to put 7 in the boat on light tackle and peter had a great time doing it. Well worth the trip and seas to catch some beautiful mahi mahi.