Two Striped Marlin and a couple Mahi for Sexton family.

Mike from Colorado booked HighNoon for a full day charter. To start off the day we tried trolling for Wahoo (known as Ono in Hawaii).. with no bites. Then we headed out to catch some live bait. We lucked out because there was a few Mahi Mahi where we got our bait. So we rigged up an opelu on light tackle and landed our first Mahi. A little whole later we landed one more. After loading up on more than enough for dinner we went trolling around for something bigger.  With one hour left we scored big with a double Striped Marlin which Mike and his family did a nice job of bringing to the boat where they were both released to fight another day.   What an amazing day for a wonderful family.





Ono for return clients from Seattle.

Woody and his wife Carol from Seattle, who are three time return clients, booked HighNoon for a three quarter day of fishing. Knowing that the marlin bite has been slow we started out the morning fishing for Ono. Pass after pass with no bites we changed direction and found two hungry Ono’s. Andrew jumped in the chair and landed one. Unfortunately the other one came off, luckily we still got dinner. We then headed over to catch some bait fish. They were not being too cooperative, but we managed to get one. After rigging up the bait we dropped it down and caught a table boss. Then we went out to the deep and trolled around with no luck. All in all not a bad day. Thanks guys hope to see you again.



Light Tackle Mahi Mahi for David and Milton Gilmore

David Gilmore along with his parents ,Milton and Barbara Gilmore from Vermont chartered HighNoon today in Kona.  We first went to a bouy to catch some live bait in case we ran across some Mahi Mahi.  After catching a dozen or so Opelu baitfish, we decided to troll for Blue Marlin for most of the morning.  About noon, after no hits, we came across “F” bouy which is put out by the state of Hawaii to attract fish.  We didn’t spot any fish but decided to live bait an opelu anyway and that paid off nicely.    First, David brought in about a 20 lb female Mahi Mahi after a 10 minute nice fight.  We then put out another opelu and this time the bigger male struck and Milton did a very nice job bring this fish to the boat.  Here are the photos: