Return clients get what they ask for.

Mike and Brenda from Alberta fished with us back in April. They enjoyed it so much they decided to go with us on the HighNoon again for a full day charter. Our goal was to get a tuna to take home for the BBQ. After catching some bait we rigged one up and in minutes mike was fighting for his dinner. Successful day on the water. Thanks Mike and Brenda.


MacNamara family from Alberta catch three nice Tunas.

Dave his wife Nina and their two sons Heath and Spencer had some fun with us on HighNoon. First we caught a few Opelu for bait. Then we headed out to a buoy where everyone helped land three nice tunas. They wanted some of the fish for dinner so we gave them the option of cutting some up or drop them off at our friends restaurant called Three Fat Pigs. They decided to do the restaurant. So tomorrow they will have dinner at Three Fat Pigs eat the fish they caught and be treated like royalty.





Ethan catches dinner for the family.

Family from San Francisco booked HighNoon for a half day charter. Ellen said the trip was mostly for her son Ethan. Given that we only had four hours we headed out to where we knew we would have a good chance of catching something. Once we got to our destination we caught a few little fish, and just before getting ready to head back to the harbor we snagged a nice tuna. Ethan jumped in the chair and reeled it to the boat like a professional. It was perfect size for them to take some meat home to make some poke. Good job Ethan and family hope you have a nice time checking out the other side of the island.



Quick action for Paul and son from NY

Paul booked HighNoon to take his son out deep sea fishing for a 3/4 day off the kona coast. We left the harbor by 6:15 and had the lures in the water shortly after. He told us his son had never been fishing before and just wanted to catch anything. Easier said than done. Ten minutes out of the harbor our short rigger comes down and we strap son patrick in the chair. He reels in nice mahi mahi. Happy that we got something right off the bat we quickly put the lures back out. 15 min later, the same lure comes down and start screening. Paul gets in the chair and brings in a spearfish for a healthy release. Woo woo! By now it’s only about 8:00am and we already had two fish. We set back up and proceeded to work the area. This time it took about 30 minutes to hear our short bait screening. Another fish! We get patrick in the chair one more time which he does a great job of reeling in another spearfish. Paul then says patrick wasn’t feeling good and that he was more than happy with our success and that we could head back in. Back by the dock at 9am with two spearfish flags and a mahi. Darn good day.





Christmas Eve extravaganza.

Mark and his wonderful family from New Mexico joined us on a full day of fishing, in hopes to catch something for their Christmas stay on the Big Island. Our day started off a little slow, but a few hours in the short bait started screaming. Within minutes we landed a beautiful Ono, perfect for the grill. After another few hours of trolling around the short rigger came flying out of the clip. Sure enough we hooked up to a Spearfish. After a few good pictures we releases it to swim another day. Then on our way back to the harbor we were about to bring in all the lines and out of nowhere the short rigger takes off and in no time we had a Mahi Mahi flopping on the deck. Couldn’t ask for a better Christmas Eve day of fishing. Thanks for a successful and enjoyable day on the water.