Pechacek family catch 4 Tunas. 1-30-14

Bruce and Lisa wanted to take their sons; Nathan, Alex, and Tyler on a fishing trip while on the island. They booked a half day charter. Being a quick trip we caught bait real fast In the morning and headed out to a buoy in hopes for some tuna action. We only caught 4 baits and hoped for the best, and that exactly what they got. We went 4 for 4 on tunas and everybody got their share of action. The kids were more than stoked to be on the water and catch the biggest fish of their young lives so far. Wonderful day with a wonderful family. Hope they came back when the boys get bigger and we will put them on some bigger fish.






Bobby and Cara Fidnarick catch Striped Marlin and Spearfish

Bobby and Cara Fidnarick and Cara’s Dad, Larry Rosner chartered HighNoon yesterday.  Bobby had fished with me 14 years ago and looked me up again upon his arrival in Kona.  They wanted two things…to catch a billfish and also catch something to eat while in Kona.  We began the day by catching some smaller fish called opelu which we were going to use as live bait for yellowfin tuna at a bouy.  On the way to the bouy, the stinger came crashing down and Cara got in the fighting chair and brought a nice Spearfish to the boat which was then released.  We then continued to the bouy but there were Dolphins there which made catching the tuna impossible.  So we set out again trolling when the short rigger came down.  Bobby jumped into the chair and did another fine job getting a beautiful striped Marlin along side the boat.  We took some photos and then released the fish.

Everything but something to eat.  However, about 20 minutes later, we had a double hookup of Mahi Mahi, one came off, but Bobby brought in this great eating fish which we put on ice for their BBQ.

Great day, great folks and don’t wait another 14 years before fishing with us again!


Brian and Mike land Two Tunas and a Striped Marlin

Yesterday Brian and his father Mike from Wisconsin joined HighNoon for a full day charter. After loading up with bait we headed out to try and catch some tuna. On our way to the buoy the long rigger started screaming. Brian jumped in and started cranking away. Brian really wanted something to put on the wall in his condo. It was a perfect size stripped marlin. Then we used our bait to catch two Tunas. One for Brian and one for Mike. It was very exciting, it was Mikes first time being able to catch an ocean fish. They will be eating good for the next few days. Thanks guys.





Striped Marlin and tuna for Bruce and Gayle Kall from Minnesota

Bruce and Gayle Kall were coming to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary and their kids, Ben, Jenn and Jack a wanted to do something special for their anniversary trip. Since Bruce loved to fish, they decided to book a half day sport fishing adventure with HighNoon in Kona, Hawaii.  They were originally reserved for Wednesday but due to rare bad weather we were unable to go. We moved them to Saturday and Bruce and Gayle were ready to go bright and early. We started out by catching a few live baits for some good tuna action we’ve been having lately. Being only a half day trip, it limits your options time wise, but luckily for us the tuna were waiting only a few miles offshore. We managed to get  4 tuna on light tackle and he was stoked. With time running short, we set our course back to the harbor in hopes of hooking something on the way in. That’s exactly what happened! We managed to raise three striped marlin that were ping ponging through out spread. We managed to keep one secure to the line and Bruce did a great job of bringing it to the boat. It weighed in at 71lbs and will be hanging in his office in a few months. Awesome day guys.