02-26-14 Tuna and Mahi Mahi

On Wednesday we had double charters. On the first trip we caught 4 Tunas a Mahi Mahi and had a spearfish bite. They were getting on a flight that night so it was an awesome way to end their vacation in Hawaii.




On our second trip it was a little windy but we managed to catch a Mahi Mahi. We also had a whale breach about 50 yards off our starboard side.


Magical day for Miller family from Bend, Oregon

Every so often we have one of those magical storybook days.  A day where everything falls into place perfectly.  Today was one of those days for Gary, Jody and Scott Miller (three generations of Millers) from Bend, Oregon.  Jody had  booked HighNoon hopeful of something good to put on the BBQ….as well as to have a great fishing day in Kona.

We first stopped off to catch some live bait called Opelu.  We had a hard time catching them and only came up with three instead of the dozen or so we like having in the live well.  We then moved offshore to a bouy where we had been catching 10-15 lb yellowfin tuna to see if we could snag a few for the Millers.  The first bait wasn’t in the water 20 seconds, when something big grabbed it.  We were using light tackle (stand up 30 gear) and this was a bigger fish.  After about a titanic 20 minute struggle, Jody Miller brought a beautiful 65 lb Ahi (yellowfin tuna) to the boat. We were ecstatic.

After putting this fish on ice, we dropped another opelu behind the boat.  About 15 minutes later, another giant fish grabbed this bait and Scott jumped into the fighting chair.  After another 30 minute epic battle using light tackle, we brought an even bigger 80 lb Ahi into the boat.   So, we headed back to the harbor thinking what a great day.

Not over yet.  Suddenly both our long and short riggers both came screaming down and Gary and Jody brought beautiful Spearfish to the boat on a double hookup.  We got both to the boat where they were released to fish to fight another day.

Still not over…because after putting our lures out again, the long rigger came crashing down again…and this time it was a striped Marlin.  Scott brought this beauty up along side the boat where it too, was released.

And still not over yet….because 5 minutes later our stinger rod went off screaming out 200 yards of line as this beautiful Blue Marlin shook her head at us and said “bye bye”.  Yes, we lost this fish….but all in all, a Magical Day fishing in Kona, Hawaii.  Here are some photos from today:



2 for 4 on striped marlin and 1 Ono.

We had an awesome  group of people from both Minnesota and the Big Island of Hawaii out our a 3/4 day trip yesterday.  On board were Aaron Crabtree from Hilo, Lani Akau from Hilo and Ann Sturgis from the Big Island….and with their friends including Brandon Bright  from East Bethel, Minnesota.  Arron had chartered the boat for his friends and they had two goals, catch something good to eat…and also try and catch a nice billfish.

They got lucky in the first five minutes when a great eating Wahoo grabbed a lure right outside the harbor.  Brandon jumped into the fighting chair and this great eating fish went right into the ice.  We then went to an area to catch some live bait called opelu and put a half dozen of these into the live well.  We then headed out to an area were we had been catching some nice yellowfin tuna.  We were very doubtful of getting something due to fact that the dolphins just showed up. On our third pass with the live bait we hooked something. We thought it was a dolphin until we saw a nice striped marlin come rocketing out of the water.. Lani Akau was already in the chair and waiting for the rod. After some great angling and maneuvering of the boat we had it on the deck.

On the way in, we had a triple knockdown….and again, Brandon jumped into the fighting chair where is did a nice job getting this striped Marlin to the boat where it was released to fight another day.

Awesome day of fishing thanks guys and we look forward to the next trip.




Spearfish and tuna action for Gertzen family from British Columbia

Janna Gertzan had originally booked a full day with HighNoon for a birthday present for her father Randy on Monday the 17th. Due to bad weather we were only able to stay out for a few hours with no luck, just rain and choppy seas. Sharon( Randy’s wife), Chrissie, Janna(daughters) and birthday boy Randy showed back up at the boat this afternoon to finish what we started. We had caught bait earlier and were ready for them when they arrived. We had a plan and stick to it. On our way to the area we wanted to fish, our stinger rod came crashing down and we were on. Randy did a great job of angling a beautiful spearfish which will be on his wall in a few months. We set back up and headed to our spot. Instantly after deploying our bait we were hooked up. Randy catches a nice tuna. Repeating our process of live baiting we managed to catch everybody a fish with plenty for the grill. Big smiles and high fives all around. Great family that we will be seeing again.





Jim and Tyler Schuster from North Pole, Alaska lands Spearfish

Jim Schuster from North Pole, Alaska and his son, Tyler came a long way to land this beautiful Spearfish in Kona, Hawaii.  Taking a break from the freezing weather at the North Pole, Jim chartered HighNoon for some great fishing in Kona.  Tyler got in the action landing a nice tuna and then loosing a Mahi Mahi at the back of the boat.  Jim landed this beauty of a Spearfish.  Congratulation guys….and we enjoyed having you aboard HighNoon.