Lee Ann Ring from St. Charles releases 700 lb. Blue Marlin

Craig and Lee Ann Ring from St. Charles, Missouri rang the bell in Kona, Hawaii today.  On a 3/4 day charter, Craig and Lee Ann found out it is not over til it’s over when fishing in Kona.  In the last half hour headed back to the harbor, Craig and Lee Ann were taking photos in the fighting chair and saying what a nice day it had been even without fish.  As we were about to begin clearing lines, the short rigger lure called “baby smash bait” got absolutely inhaled by a huge 700 Blue Marlin, Lee Ann stayed in the fighting chair and was given a rod with a huge Marlin screaming line of the reel.

Lee Ann got great instructions from Ryan on fighting this fish and did an excellent job of getting it to the boat where it was released to fight another day.  Congratulations to the Rings who are even now planning their next trip the Kona.


Jason Meisler releases 200 lb Blue Marlin

Today was a beautiful Blue Marlin birthday fish for Marty Meisler from Anchorage, Alaska.  Marty and Paula Meisler along with his son Jason and wife Marche’. had chartered HighNoon for Marty’s birthday.  When this big fish struck the long rigger lure, Marty told son Jason to jump into the fighting charter.  After a 20 minute fight, Jason brought this beautiful fish along side the boat where we took some photos as it was released to fight another day  Photo 1 is Jason patting his 200 lb Blue Marlin goodbye.  Congrats to Jason on his nice Blue Marlin…and to Marty on his birthday!   We lost another fish on the charter that hit the stinger lure estimated at 600 plus lbs.  Good action in Kona, Hawaii for the Meisler family!



Russell Bennetto releases 500 lb. Blue Marlin in Kona, Hawaii

Russell (Rusty) Bennetto from Whangarei,  New Zealand was in Kona for his 50th birthday and reserved HighNoon for three full days of fishing hoping to catch the elusive Pacific Blue Marlin.    On his birthday today, his wish came true when a huge 500 lb. Blue Marlin crashed the short corner lure .   After a great fight, Russell got the fish to the back of the boat.  We were able to get this great photo before releasing this beautiful Blue Marlin.  Congratulations to “Rusty” -!


Lisa Payne’s Huge Blue Marlin

Lisa and Barry Payne joined HighNoon for a half day charter.  From Arlington, Tennessee they were a long way from home here in Hawaii celebrating their 35th anniversary (congratulations!).   We had originally planned to stay close to shore and fish for Wahoo, but when Lisa mentioned she really wanted something big to put on the wall, it was “Go big or go home.” So we pulled out the big guns and set out for the deep waters.  Wanted to make it a memorable day!

Not even an hour into the charter the short rigger came down. We thought it just fell out of the clip, but just as we got it back in the rigger the long rigger came slamming down hard and line started screaming off the reel.  Lisa had never left the chair so she was ready for action. We strapped her in and she began the battle of her life. After about a half an hour of great angling, magnificent jumps by this huge Blue Marlin plus skillful maneuvering of the boat, we had the fish at the back of the boat.  It was estimated at about 650 lbs.   Just as we were pulling out the camera for some pictures it came off the hook for a perfect release. Thank you so much Lisa and Barry Payne from Arlington, Tennessee.  We hope you enjoy that trophy and we can’t wait to see some pictures.


Return clients crush it on a quick half day.

This was their third trip with us in three months. The past two trips we caught fish so they had some high expectations. We caught a few baits put out the lures and headed over to a buoy in hopes of a tuna for dinner. Just when we started to bring in the lures the stinger and the short rigger went off; double stripped marlin. Sean got in the chair and started reeling in one while Randy reeled in the other one from the gunnel. After taking a few good pictures we let them go and dropped in the live bait. It was not looking so good, we were the only boat there. The bait wasn’t in the water more than five minutes and we were on again. Sean jumped in the chair and after a tough fifteen minute battle Sean won. We now had a 54lb tuna in the bag. Thanks again and we can’t wait for the next trip.