Tim Ethridge from Fairbanks, Alaska lands Wahoo

Tim Ethridge from Fairbanks, Alaska was visiting his friend Mark who now lives in Kona.  Mark wanted to take Tim fishing while he was here and booked HighNoon for a 3/4 day accomplished their first goal when this beautiful 30 lb Wahoo hit the long corner lure and Tim did a fine job of getting this fish to the boat.  After putting this great tasting Ono on ice, we changed over for bigger fish….and about 30 minutes later had a Marlin come in and hit the stinger lure and miss.  It then attacked the long rigger lure…and missed again.  It then tried again for the stinger lure…and yes, missed again.  All in all a beautiful day in Kona with calm seas, dolphins and whales and something great to eat at the end of the day.  Here is Tim’s fish:


Carl and Family from North Dakota almost catch a nice Blue Marlin.

Carl and Michelle Dacar are visiting their daughter Andrea and her boyfriend Kyle. Andrea wanted to catch her dad a fish so they booked a morning half day charter with us on the HighNoon. About half way through the trip a beautiful Blue Marlin ate the long rigger. Carl jumped in the chair strapped into the rod and began his battle. Unfortunately the fish got off, but not before Andrea was able to get a good shot of it jumping. We will get her next time, thanks again and we look forward to the next adventure.




Dan lands a nice Short-nosed Spearfish

Dan is on vacation in Honolulu and flew to the Big Island this morning just to fish with us. After about three hours of trolling with no action, the captain noticed a spearfish off the starboard side coming in for the attack. It hit our stinger on a stand up 30. It was an awesome battle. Great job Dan have a safe flight back to Honolulu, and enjoy that mount. It’s going look beautiful up on your wall.