Huge morning Ahi for Bruce Bogunia from Chicago

Bruce and Beata Bogunia boarded HighNoon bright and early for a fishing charter in Kona.   Beata had been in Hawaii for six weeks working at the Kapiolani Childrens Hospital on Oahu.  Bruce and Beata decided to spend their last week in Hawaii in Kona as they had always wanted to go big game fishing plus visit the Volcano.  Today, they hit the jackpot just after dawn.

We went to a spot where the Ahi (giant yellowfin Tuna) had been spotted the past few days.   Ahi bite best in the early morning…and as we approached the 1000 fathom line, we saw Ahi busting out of the water.  I told my crew that when you see them, theygenerally don’t bite. Wrong!  No sooner  where the words out of my mouth, when the stinger line came crashing down.  Bruce jumped into the fighting chair and did a great j.ob bringing his dream fish to the boat in about 20 minutes.  A gorgeous 150 lb. Ahi

Sunrise in Kona…

Bruce’s big Ahi:

Bruce and Beata Bogunia

1 Marlin 1 Spearfish for the Balders

Mindy and her husband Norman wanted to take their grandchildren out for a 3/4 day of fishing. They specified that they were more so looking for dinner fish and not so much trophy fish. Well, they happened to get the best of both worlds.. About  an hour into the trip our long rigger comes down and starts peeling line. Initial thought is was a marlin until it quickly slowed down and we realized it was a great eating spearfish. Mindy had the fish secured in the boat within 5 minutes. After we set back up, we worked a bird pile for a while with no luck. In the last hour of the trip as are big fish hopes were fading, the Captain Trevor yells out “short rigger” and a beautiful 280lb blue marlin piles on. Beautiful aerial display by the fish and great angling. Successful and healthy release.





Reese and Bailey each catch a Blue Marlin.

Shane, Melonie, Reese, Haley, Bailey, and Hayden Anderson from Spokane joined HighNoon for a full day fishing extravaganza. Right out if the gate 6:15 the stinger came out of the rigger and started screaming line off the reel. Reese jumped in the chair and reeled the 100lb Blue Marlin to the boat in minutes for a clean release. After cruising around all day about a half hour from the harbor the short rigger was on and taking line. Bailey, on of the best anglers we have seen, got the fish to the boat like a pro for another clean release. Thanks Anderson family for a great charter.




2 Blues and 2 Mahi’s for awesome family.

We had a full boat; Kory, Kesey, Kolby Krohn. Taylor and Chase McAninch and Ronnie Basinger. Just out of the harbor we hooked a little Mahi, and six year old Kolby reeled it to the boat like a champ. Soon after Chase landed one more Mahi. Unfortunately Kolby started to feel a little sick so we headed back to the harbor to drop him off. We then headed back out in search for a monster. At 11:30 Kasey reeled in a 175lb Blue Marlin and was released in less than seven minutes. Later at 12:30 Grandpa Kory reeled in a beautiful 500lb Blue Marlin. Awesome day on the water thanks everyone and I know you will enjoy that trophy. We look forward to your next trip back to the islands.






Greg lands beautiful Blue Marlin

Return clients Ryan and Jen Banker from Arizona joined HighNoon with Ryan’s brother Greg and his wife for a full day charter. About three hours into the trip the long corner came flying out of the out rigger and started screaming line. After an amazing show Greg had that fish to the back of the boat in minutes. Fun day on the water with great company. See you guys Tuesday for round two.