Bachelor party Blue

Josiah Kalima a local boy and good high school friend is taking the plunge next weekend. So a few of his close friends booked High Noon for a half day charter. We headed out of the harbor in hopes to find any kind of action. We trolled out to a buoy which most times is almost a guarantee to catch small tuna. When we showed up we put out the smaller tackle but the buoy seemed to be completely dead. After a few passes we put back out the big boys. We decided on staying out a little longer and turning the half day into a three quarter. Luckily we scored by hooking a 180 pound Blue Marlin. Josiah jumped in the chair and began the battle of his life. After landing the fish we trolled back to the harbor so that they could surprise Josiah by taking him to the airport to finish their bachelor party on Oahu. Thanks boys and congratulations Josiah and Jessica. See you guys around.





Afternoon double Blue Marlin

The Hyde family booked High Noon for an afternoon Half day charter. Right out of the the gate, before we even had all the lures in the water an Ono knocked down the stinger but managed to miss the hook. We checked the lure and put the lines out and no more than ten minutes later the short rigger came down and a nice little Blue was jumping behind the boat. Mikey jumped in the chair and reeled the fish to the boat in minutes for a clean release. We then headed out to the buoy to see if we can get a tuna or two for dinner. We didn’t have much time but we lucked out with a skip jack which we threw back and one six pound tuna. We put the lines back in the water and headed back to the barn. About half way home we hooked a little Blue Marlin. Dave did a great job of reeling up the fish. For another successful release. Amazing quick four hour trip with a fun group of people.






Dennis and Monty Schmidt on the High Noon

A while back Dennis was on a cruise ship in Hawaii and while stopped in Kona he came fishing with us. Everyone picked rods and he lucked out with catching a 300 pound Blue Marlin. After that experience he has been hooked. Dennis and his brother Monty booked two days a three quarter on Friday and a half day today. On Friday we trolled out to a buoy and caught a few little tunas just to get some blood on the deck. On our troll back towards the harbor a massive Blue Marlin creamed the short corner. We were down to the Dacron by the time Monty found his way to the fighting chair. Just as we started to maneuver on the fish it seemed as though the fish came off. After reeling in the line we found out that the fish broke out line.
On our second trip we set out in search for that one that got away. About an hour and a half into the charter and the stinger popped out of the rigger and started peeling line off the reel. It was a nice Shortnosed Spearfish. After a couple good head shakes he broke free. We definitely had some good excitement on the past two trips unfortunately Monty and Dennis only have fishing stories to take home, that is, until next time. Thanks again and we look forward to the next adventure.



Connor lands a Shortnosed spearfish

Bob Coughlin and his son Connor from New England booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing adventure. At 6:30 we had a 150 pound Blue Marlin on for a few minutes that sure got the blood flowing. About an hour later something ate the stinger. Within minutes Connor was in the chair reeling in the biggest fish he has ever caught, 45 pound spearfish. They wanted something for the grill so we boated the fish and put the lines back out in search for another fish. We didn’t get anymore bites but Bob and Connor did get to go home with dinner and a story about the one that got away.



8 pound Mahi Mahi for 7 year old Sam.

Yesterday Chris Nash and his son Sam from New England with their friend Richard Clifton from Australia booked High Noon for an afternoon half day charter. In set out in hopes to find something small for little 7 year old Sam to reel in. Just as we were leaving the harbor we noticed two boats circling a little log. There was a bunch of Mahi Mahi around it, but they weren’t bitting lures. Luckily we had some little dead bait from the previous charter. We managed to hook one and Sam reeled it to the boat and we put straight into the fish bag. Thanks guys for coming fishing with us we hope you enjoy that Mahi Mahi.