Rachel catches Mahi Mahi

Ron and his daughter booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. When they got to the boat they said they would like to catch a Mahi Mahi. So we headed over to a spot to catch some bait fish. After loosing a few rigs to some bigger fish we lucked out with a triple, just what we needed. We headed out towards a buoy and the long rigger comes down and we just by chance hooked a beautiful Mahi Mahi. After boating the fish we continued on our way to the buoy. When we got there unfortunately nobody was home. So we headed back to the harbor. All in all a nice day on the water with a perfect dinner fish.




John catches two little tunas.

John from Kentucky has been living in Kona for the past few months and decided he wanted to go deep sea fishing. He originally booked a half day trip and extended to a three quarter in hopes to score a blue marlin. After a few hours of trolling we found some porpoises made a few passes and started to head back towards the harbor. On our way we came across a friend of ours fishing around a log with some Mahi Mahi’s and Tuna’s on it. We brought in the lures and dropped back a little popper we lucked out with landing two little Tuna’s. Thanks John and we look forward to seeing you again weather it’s on the boat or up on the mountain.


Greg and Darlene both catch a Mahi Mahi

Greg and his wife Darlene from North Carolina are celebrating their 25th anniversary here on the island. Darlene gave Greg the choice of hunting for something on land or on the ocean. Greg decided to do a 3/4 fishing adventure on the High Noon. Greg owns a hunting outfit back at home, so they know all about the possibility of the trip just being a nice boat ride. With expectations low and spirits high we set out with somewhat of a game plan. As we were leaving the harbor the stinger came down before all the lures were in the water. We missed an Ono. So we decided to stay close to shore and see if we could stir up another one. We came across some bait boiling in the surface so we pulled in the lines, dropped down some light tackle caught a few bait, headed out to a buoy. On our way we spotted a log floating in the water with a few Mahi Mahi under it. We rigged up a bait and dropped it in the water, and within seconds we were hooked up to a nice Mahi Mahi that Darlene reeled in perfectly. Within minutes Greg was reeling in his fish. What a great day on the water especially after being skunked the past few trips. Thanks Greg and Darlene, and if we ever make it up to North Carolina we will definitely be giving you a call.







Denmark family catches beautiful Spearfish

Christian and his family traveled all the way from Denmark for a nice vacation in hawaii. They figured they would test their luck in a little sportfishing of the kona coast. Thy booked HighNoon for a 3/4 in hopes of catching anything worth bragging about. With a tournament going on and lots of boats out we hoped for the best. Radio for the tournament sounded pretty slow but we remained hopeful. In the last hour of the charter and big 50lb spearfish came up on the stinger for a look. He took a quick shot at it but did not stick. After some teasing from the crew, we were hooked and engaged in battle. Great job angling by Christians father, had the fish to the boat in no time. He was so happy he even had a mount ordered and it eager for it to arrive to his Denmark home. Good job guys!




Nice Blue Marlin for long time Hawaii resident.

Bob and his wife, along with their friend book HighNoon for a half day in hopes for something for the BBQ. Buoy fishing has slowed down a bit but we figured we would give it a shot in hopes for a dinner Mahi or Tuna. Check two of our buoys with absolutely nobody home. Being a pretty quick trip it was time to head home. The crew put out a few smaller lures to try hook a dinner fish on the way home. It was nearly the end of the trip when a blue marlin came into the spread all over our stinger. As the crew teased the fish and made a few great moves, we were on and engaged in battle. With some great angling by 70yr old bob, we had the fish to the boat in about 10 minutes. Great day with great company. We will see them again next year. Aloha to the Leonard Ohana.