Ian catches Mahi with son

Ian and his family come to Kona every year to escape the cold weather in B.C. This year he brought his whole family and his top worker to enjoy the the beautiful waters off Kona. They wanted a marlin but also something for the grill. Not always as easily said than done, we usually make it happen. Sure enough when hope starts to diminish, long rigger comes down and we are ON. Ian’s boy jumps in there chair and in no time had the secure. Good job guys!


Epic 2 marlin and 3 Mahi day

Our day started out a little different with a awesome older couple that just wanted to do a 3hr charter. Lawrence booked us so he could take his wife out on the water and see something a little different then salmon fishing. We headed out of the harbor at 7am and set the line a bit closer to shore in search of Ono or Mahi for them to eat. Not more than 35 minutes into the trip, we found some heavy current rips that looked good. As soon as we hit the rip line one of the reels started peeling line. Music to our ears we had a triple Mahi. Both did a great job bringing them in. We happened to land 2. Both tickle pink we worked it a bit more and headed home. Very happy, awesome couple we will see next year. Enjoy you fillets.


Our second trip was a fishing/snorkeling adventure with a great family from Arizona. Rick and Scott are brothers along with theirs wife’s Tina and Karen. Also their kids jake and chase were out for something big and also something to eat. Always easier said than done. We left the harbor at 10am and headed south to our snorkel destination. 1 hour into the trip, near the tide change, a 325lb blue marlin ate our short corner and we headed 90 in the opposite direction. Ricks son jake got strapped in and had the fish boat side in 11 minutes. He did one heck of a job angling the fish. After that chaos settled we set back up and shortly after had a double Mahi which we boated one. Already an amazing trip. The family all jumped in the water and enjoyed some beautiful snorkeling and lunch. After stuffing the crew with an awesome chicken salad sandwich (which we then named the lure after the fish we caught) were back at it again. Headed back home. Just when things get quiet and vibes change chaos strikes again. Then crew marked the fish on the recorder and not 30 seconds later we were engaged in battle with another 300lb marlin. This time Scott jumped in the chair and fought the fish to the boat in 9 minutes. Both fish put on a heck of an aerial display and have many great picture to follow. Great company with them and hope to fish again. Aloha





Blue marlin and nice bull Mahi for Mike and the gang

Mike booked a 3/4 day for him and his gang to enjoy a day fishing in Kona. Being from Seattle, the guys frequent the cold waters their in search of Salmon. We started the day looking for something for the grill. One hour into the charter the stinger rod comes down and we are ON! Successful boating a nice 30lb bull mahimahi. We switched the gear and headed offshore where we knew some bites have been the last few days. We worked it and like clockwork as the tide changed we were hooked to a 250lb blue marlin. Gabriel made quick work of it and we had it boatside in know time. Great job guys.