Bill and Pam Scarbrough from Arkansas have great fishing day in Kona

A variety of fish for Bill, family and friends in Kona, Hawaii

Bill and Pam from Van Buren, Arkansas along with  Hugh Scarbrough, and Judy Conley from Dallas, Texas booked us for Two full days of fishing. Today was our first trip and it was a success. We heard of a few Wahoo (called Ono in Hawaii) being caught so we started off trolling close to shore and after some persistence we got one. Judy put that Penn 30 to work and landed a perfect size Ono in minutes.  Best eating fish that swims.  Here is Judy’s Ono

We then headed out to the deep. About two hours later on the same Stand up 30 rod, li Bill hooked a nice striped marlin. We released the marlin and continued trolling.  Here is Bill fighting his fish.

Not long after the stinger came down again and we teased up a big Spearfish.  It didn’t stick on the lure, so Captain Trevor tossed back a fresh bait and after some toying with the spearfish he got it hooked up on out stand up rod . Hugh handled it like a champ. Great day on the water if Thursday is half as awesome as today was it will be a success.  Here is Hugh’s Spearfish:

A happy group at the end of the day.  See you all on Thursday!


Early morning Spearfish

John, Erika and Mike O’neil joined High Noon for a half day charter. As we left the harbor we put our favorite winter time lures in the water. Not even a half hour into the trip the long tigger snapped out of the rigger and started taking line. Erika slid right in to the fighting chair and muscled a beautiful short nose spearfish to the boat like a pro. Other than some whales and dolphins we didn’t have any other action. Another great day on the beautiful waters of Kona. Thanks O’neil family. We look forward to seeing you again.


Glenn lands our first Striped Marlin of the season.

Glenn miller, Marci and Ronnie King, Colleen Schlonga, and Ginnie Grilley Have never fished here in Hawaii before. So they brought there beginners luck for a three quarter trip on the High Noon. They wanted something to take home and grill up for the super bowl. We started catching some bait, and headed out to a buoy. Unfortunately nobody was home so we put the lures back out and continued to troll. Not long later the short bait and the stinger came out of the rigger. The stinger came off but the short bait stayed good and was smoking line off the reel. Glenn jumped in the chair and reeled our first Striped Marlin of the season to the boat like a pro. Great day on the water got to see whales, Dolphins, catch some bait, and even an awesome fish for the grill.