Tony’s First Blue Marlin

Tony Means from Reno Nevada booked High Noon for two three quarter days, last Sunday, and today. A while back Tony fished with a good friend of ours on a boat called the Night Runner. They had a great time catching some tuna and Striped Marlin. Tony wanted to catch a Blue Marlin this time, so on our first day we decided to do some live baiting. We managed to catch a little tuna before the bad dolphins showed up at the buoy. No more than fifteen minutes in the water and we had a nice Blue Marlin take the bait. It took a bunch of line, Tony got in the chair, after some reeling the fish got loose. Then we found the porpoise school and tried catching a big tuna on the green stick with no luck.

Day two started out slow. With an early departure we headed out to get bait and do what we did on the the first day. Unfortunately the buoy was dead. So we stuck to our guns and put out our best lures and hoped for the best. We watched Maverick hook up to a 500pound Black Marlin right in front of us, which is very rare for Hawaii, we were so close. With only an hour left we looked back and had seen a fish Jumping not realizing that the clicker was not on the fish had taken about six hundred yards of line out. Quickly we hurried to the deck strapped Tony to the rod and he began reeling like a crazy. About twenty minutes later Tony had his first Blue Marlin. Thanks tony for a fun two days of fishing, next time we will get that monster that got away.


Wahoo and Tuna for John from California

John and Vanessa from California are on vacation for John’s birthday. John loves fishing and was really excited to fish for the first time in Hawaii. He had never caught an Ono (wahoo) before so we started of trolling for just that. On our first pass around the point we hooked a beautiful Ono. John was so excited he forgot what to do. eventually we successfully had a twenty pound Ono gaffed and in the fish bag. We then set out for the buoy. There was decent size Tunas there the day before so we had out fingers crossed. Every pass by the buoy we had a fish on. After some fun there we headed back to the harbor and along the way we found a very large Big Eye Tuna being pulled around by a shark. You never know what you are going to see out there. Thanks John and Vanessa we hope to see you again.

Whale of a good time

Here are some amazing pictures of a whale breaching just of the bow of the boat. Thanks Howard for the pics.

Ryan catches a Wahoo

The Naugle Family is visiting Hawaii from California. Justin, Trevor, Ryan with their dad and grandpa booked High Noon for a half day fishing trip, because Ryan wanted to catch a fish while in Hawaii. Only an hour into the trip the long rigger came out of the rigger and Ryan was already in the chair waiting. After some great teem work we boated a beautiful Ono, perfect for the grill. We didn’t catch anything else the rest of the three hours, but it sure was awesome to get Ryan his fish. Thanks Naugle family for a fun trip. Trevor hope you have fun at end of the world and south point. 




One Ono for Mike from Eureka

Travis and his father-in-law Mike from Eureka, California booked High Noon for a half day trip. We set out in search for something for the grill. Almost half way into the trip we hooked a nice Ono (Wahoo) on the stinger. After a slight confusion of who was to reel in the fish, Mike got in the chair and started reeling. The fish took quite a bit of line so after a minute or so of reeling we had dinner in the boat. Travis decided to extend the trip to a three quarter giving us more time to switch it up. We tried it all, we trolled to a buy tried a few things there with no one home. Then hit some of our favorite spots on the way back to the harbor. The water was amazingly calm and peaceful and we did get to see some whales while trolling around. Thanks guys for the great trip, enjoy the fish and hope to see you again.