Wahoo’s and Little Tuna’s 

Zac and Jill Jackson, Kent and Madison Koski Booked High Noon for an afternoon three quarter fishing trip. We left the harbor and headed straight for the buoy. When we got there we put out some light tackle and caught a few little yellow fun tunas and some skipjack tunas. We also lost a nice yellow fin to a shark. After having fun with that we headed back in to work the coast for some Ono (wahoo). We lucked out with three beautiful Ono’s. 



Wahoo Wednesday Kind Of Day

We had two trips today, a three quarter and an afternoon half day. Both charters wanted some Ono for dinner so that’s what we did. 

On our first trip we had the Alex, Kyle, Nicolette, Christopher, Kristal, and Stacey who most of them have fished with us before and caught a Marlin and a Spearfish. After no bites for the first three hours everyone started to get a little anxious and then the stinger came down and Alex landed her first Ono (wahoo). Then with only minutes left of fishing we had a double Stacey got in the chair and reeled in one while Kyle kept tension on the other one. We landed Stacey’s, but unfortunately Kyle’s got off. 


On our second trip we had John, Chris, Christine, Ben, Johnroch and Shawn all visiting from Canada for a friends wedding. Only an hour in the trip we missed one and hooked another. Ben who has only been on a plane one before in his life fot to reel in his Fist Ono. Thank you everyone for such a fun day. 



Dean catches Wahoo

Today we had our youngest angler on board. Three year old Dean along with his Dad and Grandpa joined us on High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. Had three Ono bite and managed to land one. A perfect fish for Dean. Then just before going into the harbor we dropped down and dean reeled up a trigger fish. It’s always fun having kids on board. Thanks guys for the fun trip.


4 for 4 On Wahoo’s

Richard and Michelle Weaver, and Matty and Rose Margolis from California booked High Noon for a three quarter trip and lucked out big time with four nice Ono’s (Wahoo’s). The first one we got was literally five minutes out of the harbor and the other three was a triple strike. It’s one thing to hook three Ono’s, but to land all three is a different story. Great job by everyone on the boat. Thanks for the fun trip and I hope you enjoy your Ono dinner at Three Fat Pigs. 

1 For 4 on Wahoo’s For Tim

Tim and Patty booked an afternoon half day trip with us on the High Noon. They wanted something to eat so we headed right back to where we caught the Wahoo on our morning half day charter and worked that area hard.  We were a little unlucky as we were only 1 fish out of 4 strikes.  But we managed to catch Tim his biggest fish ever and something great to eat as a bonus.  . . Good job Tim! .