Bud And Teri Both Get an Ono

Bud and Teri from Alaska booked High Noon for a full day fishing trip. Being avid fishermen and hunters they understand the fact that it’s a big waiting game. Today wasn’t one of those days. Our lures were in the water no more that five minutes and the long rigger came down, but didn’t stick. Then the stinger came down and started peeling line. Teri jumped in the chair and reeled in a beautiful Ono (Wahoo). We made it out to a buoy caught some bait and dragged them around with no luck. We went back to trolling and Bud got to land an Ono. Fun day on the water talking hunting and fishing stories with great people. 


2 for 3 Blue Marlin

Kiyoo, Yumi, Jason and Tony booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. Our trip started off great, not even half an hour and the short rigger is hooked up to a Blue Marlin. Jason reeled it to the boat like a natural for a clean tag and release. Twenty minutes later, again, the short rigger was on and there was a really big Blue Marlin jumping all over the place. Kiyoo started the battle, Jason took over after a little while, then Tony finished it off. We had the fish all the way to the boat, but just before we could get a picture she unhooked herself. The day wasn’t completely over we had one last bite on the short rigger. It took some line then unfortunately threw the hook. Over all another amazing day in Kona. 


Rock ‘n Reel Hawaiian Open Tournament Day 2

On Sunday Day two of the Rock ‘n Reel Tournament we had Bruce and Wynette Scott and David, Becky and Ivan Normand from Texas. It was a long day on the water with no bites until the last hour. The long rigger came flying out of the rigger, but missed the hook. Just when we thought it was over the stinger came crashing down and line started pealing off the reel. Ivan jumped into action carefully transferring the rod the the fighting chair and strapped himself in and started a battle of a life time. After almost forty minutes of fighting Ivan had reeled up a nice 164.5 pound Yellow Fin Tuna. Great team work and good fun thanks all for an awesome day and never giving up. 


Rock ‘n Reel Hawaiian Open Tournament Day 1

     This weekend we were involved in the Rock ‘n Reel Tournament. It consisted of two days with the chance to win money and prizes.

     On Saturday, the first day of the tournament we had Michelle, Jim, Alex and Thomas Nies, an amazingly fun and lucky family from Minnesota. At 7am all 28 boats involved in the tournament raced from the harbor to their favorite spots. While everyone put out their best marlin lures, we did the unexpected, we got in close to shore to try for an Ono (Wahoo). Within twenty minutes we saw a few really big dolphins and hooked up to a big Ono. Alex grabbed the rod transferred it to the chair and reeled it all the way to the boat like a true professional. With an Ono in the bag we headed back out to the deep. We missed a little marlin on the stinger, and shortly after we hooked up to a Tuna. Before we knew what to do young Thomas was moving to the fighting chair with the rod in hand. After an hour and twenty minute fight Thomas landed a monster 206.5 pound Yellow Fin Tuna. On top of such an epic day we had the joy of spotting a pod of Beaked Whales one of which breached just off the bow of the boat. The Ono we caught won the largest Ono category, winning a Penn 30 reel and rod. The Tuna won the largest Tuna category, winning a Penn 70 reel. We want to thank the Nies family so much for fishing with us and sharing an experience none of us will ever forget.