8/23 Gene Releases 350 Pound Blue

Gene and his family booked High Noon for a three quarter trip. Our plan was to go check out the buoys and catch some smaller stuff so everyone could have a chance at reeling something in. The first buoy we made it to was completely dead so we hurried over to another spot where we lucked out with one little tuna that Kyle reeled in. We tried a few more passes with nothing so we put the lures back out and started trolling. No more than twenty minutes later the long rigger came flying out of the clip and we were on. Gene jumped in the chair and started his battle. Thirty minutes later we had a 350 pound Blue Marlin at the boat. After a few pictures we released the Marlin to swim another day. Great job everyone what a fun trip. 


8/20 Fun Trip With Dave G and Family

Christina, Dave, Nicole, Jackie, Emma, and AJ all joined us on the High Noon for a morning three quarter fishing trip. We made our way out to a buoy, brought in the big stuff and dropped in the light tackle. Within seconds we hooked up to the first of four little Tuna. Almost everyone got a turn before the bite turned off. We then put the lures back out in search for something big for dad. Unfortunately we didn’t get any bites, but we did get to enjoy some amazing fresh sashimi. All in all a really fun day with awesome people, have a fun rest of your trip and we look forward to when you all come back. 


8/18 Chris Releases Blue Marlin 

Chris from Montana booked High Noon for an afternoon half day trip. Earlier that day we missed two marlin so we had an idea of where they might be. So we worked that same area real good, and lucked out with catching a nice Blue Marlin. Chris did a great job at reeling it to the boat for a clean release. 


8/16 Kaynor Family From California Catch Some Dinner 

Nate and his two daughters, Sophia and Daniella booked High Noon for a fun half day fishing trip. Nate and his family had fished with us last year after their extensive trip around the world. We always love having return charters. Today the goal was to catch something for dinner, so we trolled to a buoy and got lucky. On our second pass we hooked a nice bull Mahi Mahi. Then we hooked three little tunas perfect for dinner. Thank you Nate, Sophia and Daniella for coming fishing with us again it was really nice to see you all again. Next time we can get mom back on the boat to catch the big one.    

8/15 Nick Catches Spearfish Number Two

Nick and his wife B came fishing with us on Wednesday and we caught a Shortnose Spearfish. We had so much fun they decided to come back out for another half day trip. About half way through the trip we raised up a Spearfish. After a few whacks at the stinger we hooked him. Nick jumped in the chair and carefully reeled it to the boat for a clean release. Then we put lures back in the water and continued our search for the big one while enjoying some amazing Ahi sashimi. Happy birthday and anniversary we had an amazing time with you both and look forward to seeing you out in your neck of the woods one day.