Marty Newton from Chandler, Arizona catches huge Blue Marlin

This is the video made by Candi Newton right at the strike.  This totally captures the excitement of Blue Marlin fishing.  Please watch:

Every once in a while we have a special charter.  Where everything seems to come together.  Great clients, great family and then a suddenly a huge fish that even exceeds our own expectation.  Today was such a day.


The Newton family, Marty and wife, Candi and their four great kids….Cole, Blake, Brooke and Paige had chartered High Noon for a 3/4 day charter. We left the harbor at 6 am thinking maybe some smaller tuna for the kids, and hopefully maybe even a chance at a Blue Marlin.  We have been catching Blue Marlin pretty regularly this past month…most between 125 – 200 lbs which are a lot of fun..but take about 20 minutes to get to the boat.

At about 6:35 am, just after going through our instructions, Stu (our crewman) screamed “Marlin, marlin, marlin”.  The short rigger lure came slamming down and this huge fish came exploding out of the water a few times and then took off toward Japan.   Marty jumped into the fighting chair and just hung on as this Blue Marlin melted 800 yards off the reel before jumping a few more times.  With his family yelling encouragement, Martin settled in for the long fight.

Marty did a great job….but this was one tough fish.  The fish stayed down deep most of the time.  While not as spectacular as more jumping, this fish was saving it’s energy.  After about 45 minutes we had about 700 yards of line back on the reel.  But then this stubborn fish wouldn’t come much closer.  We put maximum drag on the reel and Marty did an awesome job of gaining line…only to see this fish take it back again.  Time after time…we got this fish close, only to see it pull out another 50 yards.  This was Marty’s fish really big fish and he angled like a total veteran.   Finally, after about 1 hour and 45 minutes we got this fish close to the boat, Stu grabbed leader and Captain Dee sunk a perfect gaff into the fish.

We pulled this fish into the boat.  The current had pushed us right back almost to the harbor entrance, so we went in a weighed this great fish…at 644 lb Blue Marlin, the most sought after big game fish in the world.

Here are photos of the fish, the lure that caught her, the weigh-in, etc.


Congratulations to the entire Newton family. We hope to see you in Kona again.  Told Marty he can fish any tournament with me…he did a great job with a very very tough fish





Christie Barnes from Manteca, Calif. releases 200 lb Blue Marlin

Christie and Lance Barnes from Manteca, California chartered HighNoon for a late morning half day charter.  About an  hour into the charter, we had a Blue Marlin hit the short corner lure and come off, it then hit the short rigger lure but again came off.  It then grabbed the stinger lure…but again came off.  Bummer.  We worked that area for about 30 minutes but no action and headed south.

We saw pilot whales and some false killer whales.  Beautiful day on the water.  Christie mentioned that it was a great day even though they hadn’t really caught anything.  On the way back north toward the harbor, I deliberately went back into that same area where we had the early strikes.  Just as we arrived at my mark, the long corner lure came slamming down and this time the fish stuck.  Christie jumped into the fighting chair as Lance began taking pictures and videoing the action.  This was one tough fish and Christ did a great jop of getting it near the boat.  The fish went ballistic again jumping everywhere which pumped up Christie’s adrenaline and we got the fish to the boat.  Crewman Stu gently released the fish to fight another day.  Congratulation…the perfect end to a great day.




Robert Cruz tags and releases 200 lb Blue Marlin

Robert Cruz from Staten Island, NY was on a cruise ship sailing the Hawaii islands.  He went along on High Noon with 4 other passengers from the Norwegian Cruise ship on a half day charter.  When his rod came slamming down, Robert jumped into the fighting and did a great job of bring this beautiful Blue Marlin to the boat in about 15 minutes.  Here is the awesome strike and the white water from the fish:

Here are two photos of the fish at release.  Crew Stu did a great job of bring the fish along side the boat and releasing it healthy and alive to fight another day: