11/23 Blue Marlin For Joe

Joe and his wife Debbie booked High Noon on the day before for an afternoon four hour trip. We didn’t have a single bite. Today was Joe’s last day on the island so he decided to take his chances. We got in from a full day with one bite, and Joe was still determined to find that fish. So at 3:30 we headed out for a quick evening trip. About an hour after putting the lures in the water Joe pointed out to the starboard side and said he thought he saw a fin. We changed corse in that direction, and the short rigger out of the clip and peeled a little line. After teasing it back up the Marlin grabbed that lure and we were on. Joe jumped in the chair and started a battle of a lifetime. After a bunch of pictures we unhooked the fish and let her go to swim another day. What a perfect way to end his trip to Hawaii. Amazing job Joe have a safe flight home, thank you Debbie for letting him have one last shot at his fish of a lifetime, and we look forward to getting a nice big Texas buck. 


11/17 Blue Marlin For Larry 

Larry and his Wife Kathy from Wisconsin booked High Noon for a quick morning four hour trip. About an hour into the trip the stinger came flying out of the rigger, and line started peeling off the reel. We were a little unsure what we had on the hook until it got all the way to the boat. It was a really little Blue Marlin, but a beautiful at that. We spent the rest of the trip sharing hunting photos and telling hunting stories. Another fun trip with great people thanks again Larry and Kathy. 


11/15 Spearfish For Jeff

Mark and Kelly are vacationing from Oregon. Their son Jeff flew over from Oahu for the weekend to visit and they booked a full day fishing trip on High Noon. It was only 7:30 when the stinger came down and we hooked up to a beautiful Shortbill Spearfish. Jeff got in the chair and we had that fish in the boat in minutes. We had a few more knock downs saw some pilot whales and even got to watch another boat catch a fish right next to us. It was a beautiful day on the water. Thanks again Mark, Kelly and Jeff enjoy that fish and hope to see you again some day. 


Blue Marlin For Lindsay 

Lindsay and her Father Gene from Idaho booked High Noon for a three quarter fishing trip. It was Lindsay’s 17th birthday and she wanted to catch a fish. As we left the harbor, no more then five minutes out, the long corner was hit by a Marlin. It came back and and trailed the lure for a few seconds then disappeared. The water started to get a little rough up north so we headed back south and despite Lindsay feeling a little seasick she powered through and just when everyone was getting tired the stinger came down and we had a Blie Marlin jumping around behind the boat. Lindsay jumped in the chair and started a battle of a life time. Lindsay had that fish to the back of the boat in minutes for some pictures and a clean release. 


11/12 Blue Marlin For Sterling 

Craig and Sterling from Utahfished with us on Monday and we had epic day with a Blue Marlin and a Spearfish. Today we caught bait and wanted to try something different. On our way to the buoy we hooked up to beautiful Blue Marlin that Sterling reeled in like a seasoned veteran. After some great pictures and a clean release we continued on way. Once at the buoy we dropped the bait in the water and didn’t have any takers so back to trolling it was. The rest of the day was just a nice boat ride, but over all it was an awesome two days with two awesome guys. Thanks again Craig and Sterling.