12/27  Striped Marlin for Kulli 

Our first 3/4 day trip today was relatively slow with a few mystery bites and no hookups

Our second half of the day was booked by Will and he decided he wanted Kulli in the chair if we got bit.  About 30 minutes out the harbor we got our first bite.  As we were making our turn the pink Koya bullet on the stinger came down and the big Shimano 130 started screaming!  Kulli jumped in the chair and was ready for action.  .After 20 minutes of fighting the fish like an absolute champ the fish was boat side and we realized it was a huge 83 lb Striped Marlin. Just another epic day on the Highnoon.  Great job Kulli and thank you Will for picking High Noon Sportfishing charters.  See you next year!

12/24 blue marlin for Robert on Christmas Eve 

Robert from Nevada booked a full day charter with High Noon Sportfishing charters on Christmas Eve with Scott and Tyler.The bite was relatively slow until six hours into the trip when the white oh snap lure exploded on the long corner and a blue marlin peeled off 400 yards of line of 130 lb test line.Robert who’s been around the world fishing battled the fish and landed it in around 20 minutes.The fish actually had a old long line hook and line hanging out of its mouth from a previous battle.The fish was taken to the weigh in dock and came in at 127,Robert and his family took some meat home for Christmas and the rest of the fish was distributed to many people for the holidays,thanks for your generosity Robert!


12/23 Blue Marlin For Graham

Graham and his family booked a three quarter day on the High Noon while on vacation on the big island for the holidays. About two hours into the trip Chistmas came early when the short corner bait exploded and the big 130 rod started screaming off line and a pacific blue marlin came flying out the water. Graham jumped in the chair and battled the fish like a pro angler as “The Noon” backed down on the fish in full speed taking waves over the transom,after thirty minutes of an epic battle the fish was landed and released to fight again another day-Exelent job Graham!