Jay and Violet Strange catch massive mahi-mahi 

Jay and Violet Strange came to Big island to visit some friends.  They also decided to try their luck with High Noon Sport fishing.  They wanted something good to eat plus fight a tough fish..  They accomplished both!

We had some live bait in the live well left over from our early morning charter.  We had gone to one bouy that morning, but it was dead.   So, with the live bait still health, we decided to try another FAD bouy called F bouy.

When we arrived, there were a 5 boats trolling lures in the area with no luck. We dropped a live bait (called opelu) into the water and with a few minutes we had a double hook up to two massive mahi-mahi.  After an epic 20  minute battle on light tackle both fish were landed and the bull ended up weighing a whopping 44 lbs! Biggest mahi-mahi of the year in Kona.   Great job to our anglers Jay and Violet!   Here are two photos:

Ayche McClung from Hilo and her cousin from Dubai land nice Spearfish

Ayche McClung from Hilo had fished a few years ago on High Noon.  That day she landed a beautiful Blue Marlin right outside the harbor in the first 30 minutes.  Ayche had a cousin, Louay visiting from Dubai and want to take him fishing.   This time it took about an hour but the stinger came slamming down and Louay jumped in the fighting chair and did a good job of bringing this good eating short nose Spearfish to the boat.  This time, Ayche and Louay took some nice memories plus some great eating fish back to Kona.  Congrats!


Jonathan Allen from Kona lands nice Spearfish

Jonathan Allen chartered High Noon on Tuesday, January 26.  Jonathan wanted to take his Dad who is visiting from Corpus Cristi, Texas fishing during his visit to Kona.  They had two goals…one is get something good to eat and then try for a Bill Fish.  They accomplished both goals on a half day charter.

First, we stopped and caught 6 live baits called “opelu”.  We then went out to a bouy where we proceeded catch a nice Mahi Mahi for Jimmy who did a great job on light tackle bringing this great eating fish to the boat.  As we left the bouy with only one lure in the water, something big grabbed the lure and a beautiful Spearfish began jumping behind the boat.  This time Jonathan jumped into the fight chair and brought this beauty to the boat in about 10 minutes.  Congratulations to a father/son team catching on High Noon.

Here is Jimmy with his Mahi Mahi and Jonathan with his Spearfish:






took his Dad, Jimmy Allen from Corpus Cristi Texas, fishing

1/24 Gordon gets a trophy mahi-mahi and we get a striped Marlin on the way in 

Gordon booked High Noon Sportfishing charters with intention of getting some table fare.We grabbed some bait and headed to an offshore buoy and put our bait in the water on some light tackle.Whithin ten minutes we got a massive bite and a big bull mahi-mahi came jumping out the water.Gordon fought the fish and got it boat side where it was taken.Gordon being a avid angler realized this was a trophy fish and decided to have it mounted.On the way in we even got a nice striped Marlin.Thank you Gordon for choosing High Noon Sportfishing.  


1/22 Phil and Alex get big eye tuna and mahi off the floater 

Phil and Alex came to the big island from Huntsville Alabama to celebrate their honeymoon.We were scheduled for a half day and headed south when the rigger came down,a nice blue marlin showed herself but wouldn’t take the bait.We cruised around trying to get some action but the bite was slow on our way in we got tipped off about a piece of debris in the water possible holding fish so we extended the trip and headed to the floater.We had live bait and light tackle so we were ready,within two minutes Phil and Alex were both hooked up to big eye tuna.Five minutes later they happy newlywedsboth brought in some nice mahi-mahi! Congratulations to Phil and Alex Defatta and thank you for celebrating with High Noon Sportfishing.